June 8, 2022   |   Samantha Gilmore

Run More Effective Higher Education Events

If you’re reading this, it’s probably safe to assume that you’re amongst the 85% of eventprofs that already use some form of event management software to power their higher education events. 

In that case, you can skip the recap below, and jump straight to the meat of it.

However, if you’re among the 10% of marketers who’ve never used event software before (Who are you? We’re fascinated.), then let’s talk about the basics. 

What is event management software?

In short, event management software (EMS) helps planners capture valuable information about their different attendee groups and types, while allowing them to also create conditional logic-based registration, badges, hotel booking features, seating plans, session selection, and much more.

On the surface, all event management software seems to be created equal, but the devil is in the detail. 

If you’re a university-specific event prof, it’s likely that you’re responsible for the planning and execution of an array of event types, all with different end goals.

Whether your event is aimed at creating an engaging environment on campus for both in-person and distance learners; increasing revenue and boosting fundraising efforts; or building relationships with students and alumni, all of these goals can be achieved (and made easier) with event management software.

Let’s take a look at a few university-specific event types, and how you can leverage event management software to improve your event planning process.

Graduation ceremonies, sports, performances, and other higher education events

Make your graduation and commencement ceremonies more celebration and less exasperation, when you’re using a robust event management platform like Swoogo.

Use EMS smart registration across an array of event needs—sell or give away tickets, assign seating, and simplify sign-up for attendees across separate ceremonies, for different departments.

Plus, when you’re working with an event management partner that’s fully mobile responsive (like us), you can live stream sporting events and performances for attendees to enjoy on-the-go, from anywhere, at any time. 

Distance learning and hybrid classrooms

Good news! Event management software isn’t just for traditional events; make the most of your classroom experiences too. 

With Swoogo, utilize our intuitive Event Hub to run distance classes that spin off into small work groups, or create pre-selected study tracks for CEUs. Or, go beyond the basic CEU webinar or recorded class lectures, to create a better hybrid experience with our very best digital tools.

Plus, create an always-available student resource library in our Event Hub to store recorded class sessions and relevant course information. 

Job fairs and campus previews

No one has time for two hundred email chains. From registering out-of-staters for campus tours and dorm sleepovers, to wrangling 60 recruiters for a job fair, streamline the entire higher education events process with event management software. 

Give red-carpet treatment to on-campus gatherings. Student club events and big donor recognition dinners all go smoother with a comprehensive smart registration system. Use an event management platform to send automated emails to get the word out, so the people who want to participate know exactly how.

Alumni reunions and fundraisers 

The celebration shouldn’t stop at graduation. Keep alumni and donors engaged beyond diploma distribution and donation dinners. Easily maintain a running database of alumni, and make sure no one gets left off your fundraising invitee lists.

Store all of your attendee information in one place, or integrate with your existing systems, making it easier to keep in touch with alumni past graduation. Then, turn around and give your shiny graduates the option of making their info accessible, so they can keep tabs on each other.

Faculty management and student operations

Keep the nuts and bolts of internal operations behind the scenes where they belong. Organize faculty committees, automate finals scheduling, and streamline advising, even across departments, all within your event management platform.

Does this all sound complicated? It is. Or, at least, it can be without an event management platform. EMS is especially ideal for universities, which tend to throw many smaller gatherings (often free for students), and keep contact databases for years. Give yourself a break.

The Swoogo Solution

With the pandemic resulting in both students and faculty spending prolonged periods of the academic year both on-site and online, organizing higher education events has grown increasingly complex for many university event profs. 

The good news? There’s an easy solution. Event Management Software. 

So what are you waiting for? Join the whooping 85% of event profs who are making use of the latest university event management software today. 

Better yet, come check it out for yourself. Book a demo with us today to learn more about Swoogo—ask specifically how EMS can make life easier for all of your higher education events