Event solutions 
for tech experts

From one tech company to another, we designed this with you in mind

User-based pricing
Our user-based subscription puts you in control of your budget, with 100% of costs up-front, and agreed upon. Put on as many events as you want.
Unlimited customization
With unlimited layers of conditional logic, and custom questions and question types, our registration forms can fit any need your company has.
Automated marketing
Schedule pre- and post-event emails and divide them into registrant types with Swoogo Analytics; or bring your own analytics platform and easily integrate.

Tech people are so picky, and rightly so

Not only do you know how this works, you need tech that integrates with your tech. Get the event management software that understands you.
Pick DIY or API

From drag and drop to custom HTML

Sure, you’re a tech company, but that doesn’t mean every employee is an engineer, especially in the events and marketing departments. With Swoogo you can bring in every line of code, or you can drag and drop a gorgeous website with more than 40 widgets. Whatever you need.

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Stay safe

Security to be proud of

We host our platform on the world’s largest cloud provider, AWS, and are PCI-DSS Level 1, GDPR, and Level AA 508 compliant. We also offer SSO, 2FA, and are strict with our Responsible Disclosure Program. Because we know those little things are actually huge.

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Sometimes Swoogo isn’t your best fit, but whether you settle on us or not, here are some things you should know about Swoogo vs the event industry norms.

User-based pricing

User-based pricing model

User-based pricing means Swoogo is a partner in your success. Hold as many events as you want, and whether you get more or fewer attendees than you planned on, you don’t pay extra. That means you can use our registration for dinners, fundraisers, or casual get-togethers. Nice, huh?

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Registration-based pricing

Registration-based pricing means holding a bigger, more successful event will cost you more. Hoping to hold a small, monthly event? Can you afford it? Paying for every registration means you have to constantly ask yourself, is this event worth it?


It’s yours, yours, yours

As a tech company, you should be crystal clear about who owns your data. At Swoogo, it’s you and only you. We never sell it, and if you leave us, you’re more than welcome to take all of your data with you.

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Not so fast

It’s genuinely shocking how much ownership most event management platforms exercise over data that ought to belong to you. Worse, sometimes it’s a trap to keep you using their service. One competitor makes clients pay to take their own data with them if they leave. Not cool.


All integrations included, no extra cost

Most event profs use several integrations, like Marketo and Salesforce. No problem. You can use them for free, out of the box. We also offer free use of our payment gateways. What your integrations charge is up to them, but you won’t pay any extra fees on our end.

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Watch out! Hidden charges ahead

It’s industry standard to charge for integrations. Sometimes a lot. Most platforms emphasize how small a fee they require to use payment gateways, usually a percentage. But it’s still a fee. All those little percentages really add up. And you won’t know until you get the bill.

Customer support

Award-winning customer support

We have an in-house Customer Support team and we love them! With your yearly subscription you get full access to our Swoogo experts, who in turn, have full access to all of the people in the company. They’ll find you your answer, and they’ll do it fast. Like, 15 minutes fast.

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Outsourced support or pay for in-house service

Outsourced support is the norm in the events industry. And outsourced support is notoriously slow. Sometimes there’s a small in-house team, but you have to pay for their level of expertise. If the platform you choose is difficult to learn, multiply all of these issues.