Swoogo For In-Person Events

Something about being back in-person feels like home; probably because in-person is what Swoogo was made for. Born a registration platform, managing your attendees and their data is… well, kind of our bread and butter.


We’re Baaa-aaaacckkk


Like slipping into your favorite old pair of jeans or the first, gooey bite of your mom’s mac and cheese, we’re all taking comfort in the familiarity of in-person events. Now that we’re talking face-to-face, it’s time to get back to the not-so-basics.


One Customer, One Price

Running a lot of events on a per-registration pricing model just doesn’t scale. Our per-user prices mean you pay for the number of people on your team who might need help using Swoogo, and that’s it. No hidden fees. No costs skyrocketing as registrations and events increase. Just sweet, sweet all-in-one pricing.


Your brand > Our brand

From your landing pages and emails to your registration flow and URL, Swoogo is fully customizable to help you put your brand where it belongs: front and center.


Design So Flexible it Could Set a World Record


Whether you’re using the drag-and-drop site builder, bringing your own HTML, or mixin’ it up with some combination of both, building pages in Swoogo means building beautiful events without limits.


When Event Needs Rise, Customize

Bad rhyming aside, Swoogo’s 30+ free, pre-built integrations are here to help you make the most out of the virtual event experience from engagement to payment gateways. Plus, use our open API to connect more tools you need, and our handy iFrame widget to embed the features you want.



Unique Experiences

For Everyone

Create registration pathways that feel tailored to each registrant with unlimited conditional logic, then drive bespoke on-page experiences with super intuitive, super flexible visibility settings.


Check, Check, Check-In

Give your event staff the check-in tool they’ve been desperately waiting for a chance to take out of their pockets anyway— their smartphones.

Check your attendees into your event or sessions seamlessly with Swoogo Live, and watch your check-in data populate to Swoogo in real time for easy management.

More Things to 🥰 About Swoogo

No Additional Ticket Fees

Account Level Settings

Multiple Event Types

Itinerary Planning

30+ Free Integrations

Inventory Planning

Unlimited Conditional Logic


All-in-One Pricing

Seating Charts

Open API

12+ Payment Gateways

Drag-and-Drop or Custom HTML Site Designer

Fully Whitelabelable

PCI Compliant

Group Registration