Call for Speakers

Organize speakers and submissions

Swoogo’s new Call for Speakers (CFS) is ready to save you time and hassle. More importantly, it’ll make everything easier for your speakers too.

  • Same Swoogo simplicity, new set of capabilities
  • Match speaker type to attendee type for better audiences
  • Created to work alongside Swoogo events
  • Cloneable, repeatable, designed to scale as you do
Organize speakers and submissions

Call for Speakers at a glance

Ditch the five hundred emails and complex Excel sheet—use Call for Speakers to streamline the entire process.
Speaker submission website
Streamline the submission experience with a purpose-built website.
Speaker submission forms
The data you need from speakers is different from attendees–CFS makes it easy.
Automated emails
Email templates and automation for submission reviews, acceptance, and more.
Turn submissions into sessions
Ready to accept a submission? One click and it’s in your Swoogo event as a session.
Safe file storage
No hunting for decks or documents on event day. It’s all safe in your Call for Speakers portal.
Review / grading portal
A single source of truth for your team to read, review, and accept submissions.

Step up to speaker management

Call for papers

Simplify your call for topics and abstract management

If you’ve been using email and Excel sheets to solicit and receive papers, you’re doing way too much work. Streamline the process with automated emails, a central receiving hub, and easy receipt confirmation.

Customized reviews

Get your presentations in front of the right people

Invite reviewers to evaluate papers and presentations, and customize the available subjects and scoring ranges. Make the reviews as transparent or anonymous as you like. Because CFS is fully customizable … this is Swoogo, after all.

Automated emails

Standardize your speakers’ journey from beginning to end

Automate the communications that guide your speakers through all their pre-event steps, from acceptance to due date. Post event, use CFS in tandem with Swoogo to provide customized analysis of their attendees, and invite them to submit again next time.

“We’ve been hearing that event profs wished they had a platform as easy as Swoogo to centralize their call for papers process. We’re excited to offer a solution.”
– Chris Cassimus, VP Product
Conditional logic

This prime feature of Swoogo registration is, of course, in CFS too

Use CFS in tandem with Swoogo. Customize your speaker types to complement your attendee types so you can match the best audience to your speakers, and the best content for your attendees.

Lather, rinse, repeat and scale

Use this event to start building your next one

Everything at Swoogo is cloneable, including CFS. Once you’ve managed one event with Call for Speakers, clone it and get a huge head start on your next call for presentations. Swoogo plus CFS. Designed to scale with you.