Master your event—from start to finish, and beyond

So much effort goes into your event, but we’ve got the tools to make every step more efficient. Managing the event life cycle doesn’t have to be complicated.

Leave behind boring, generic reg forms

Your business is unique; your registration form needs to be too. Swoogo has the most customizable registration dashboard you’ll find anywhere.

  • Unlimited conditional logic
  • Endless registrant types
  • 15+ question formats
  • 100% customizable questions
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Swoogo Event Logistics Platform
Event Logistics

Turn your events into experiences

After all your hard work setting up your event, the Big Day can be nerve wracking. But it doesn’t have to be. Check out our tools, designed by event profs to make your events run smoothly.

  • Badge printing
  • Event hub
  • Swoogo Live for Check-in
  • Mobile experience add-on
  • Exhibition management
  • Hotel management
  • On-site payments
  • Speaker resources
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Swoogo Event Marketing
Event marketing

Effective marketing = successful events

Is an event that no one knows about an event at all? Don’t let your company find out that answer. Spread the word to the right people, easier.

  • Automated pre- and post-event emails
  • Drag-and-drop email templates, or customize
  • Event website builder, fully whitelabelable
  • Track attendee activity to tailor marketing outreach
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Earn your customers’ confidence

You can assure your attendees that their data (and yours) is safe with us. We don’t use it, we don’t sell it, but we do keep it safe and secure.

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Highly performant cloud hosted platform
  • SOC2, ISO 27001, GDPR and PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant
  • Content security protocols
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We know you have a tech stack

We all need a little help from our friends—our tech stack friends. With 30+ built-in integrations, plus outbound webhooks and REST API, we’re ready to play nice.

  • Integrations for days
  • Build your own, or ask us for help
  • 11 payment gateways
  • Ask about our partners
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Data & Insights

Don’t start every event from scratch

Data is everything when building an event. Gather it from everywhere with Swoogo: from your registration form, to attendee activity data, to post event analytics. Then build.

  • Discover Attendee Intelligence
  • Swoogo Analytics
  • Create and pull customized reports
  • Send curated data to specific stakeholders
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Event Hub

The best events need a strong center

Digital experiences are here to stay, so don’t settle for a random mess of links. Organize your attendees and speakers, and get them to the right place.

  • Host your schedule, streaming links, and live webinars
  • Chat functionality for audience engagement
  • Browsable attendee library
  • Perfect for hybrid
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Swoogo's Call for Speakers allows you to organize proposals, talks and paper submissions

Call for Speakers

If you’ve been using email and Excel sheets to solicit and receive talks and papers, you’re doing way too much work. Streamline the process with Swoogo’s new Call for Speakers add-on.

  • Easily build a website for speakers to submit proposals
  • Your internal team can review and rate
  • Accept a proposal and turn it into a session with one click
  • Automated emails save you time
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We’re always building!

Check out the latest updates to Swoogo’s event management platform:

Zoom Events Integration 

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Save time with these new event efficiencies

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Reporting + API Updates

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APAC Payment Enhancements

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Moneybird Integration 🎉

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Map Widget for All Your Events 📍

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