Sustainability is a team sport

A Message From Swoogo’s CEO

Sustainability is more than a message—it’s an action. As CEO I have the unique opportunity to help shape our company policy around sustainability, and to strive to make Swoogo a force for positive change in the events space.

Here are some of the ways Swoogo is working toward a better tomorrow:

  • First, we’re a 100% remote company and always have been. Instead of a long commute to and from an office, Team Swoogo works from home, all over the world.
  • We actively partner with organizations who are helping us become even greener; organizations who really care and are committed to making a difference.
  • When we do meet together, or hold in-person events, we give back to the communities that host us by contracting local businesses for our services and donating to local causes.
  • We educate our employees and customers on sustainability practices, and keep ourselves open to learn from them. 

Swoogo’s mission is to empower anyone to bring people together, and we’re committed to gathering, and helping our customers gather, in the most sustainable and environmentally responsible manner possible. We hope you are too.

Chris Sykes
Chris Sykes

Teamwork makes the green work

Partners, customers, suppliers, and sponsors. We have the power to choose carefully. Here are some of the organizations we work with to help make the world a greener place.

We have so many wonderful customers who are doing their part to right the events space ship that has grown so wasteful. We’d like to highlight some of our customers whose commitment to sustainability is a big part of their primary business model.

Saying thank you to our hosting communities

Just as guests bring a hostess gift, when we throw in-person events we like to make sure we’re giving back, to offset the resources we’re taking. We highly encourage you to do the same. It’s a new program, but one our whole company is excited to expand as we move forward!

Unconventional IRL 2023 and Rose Haven

Swoogo was honored to highlight Rose Haven as our community outreach organization this May at our customer event, Unconventional IRL.

Rose Haven opened its doors more than 25 years ago to shelter and serve the Portland, OR community with their amazing vision: A community where everyone has safety, stability, love, health, and home. Read more about Rose Haven and we’d love it if you’d send a donation their way.

Swoogo-U and Clean the World

For our employee offsite, we wanted to give every Swoogan a chance to get their hands into a project to help the community around Gambier, OH, where we were fantastically hosted for five days this summer. We partnered with Clean the World, and our Swoogs helped assemble 500 hygiene kits and donated them to The Open Shelter, a local advocacy center that helps homeless and marginally-house people in central Ohio.

Clean the World is an international foundation dedicated to bringing the gift of cleanliness (and the health and wellness that come with it) to communities that struggle with problems like clean water and limited health education. Either of these awesome orgs could benefit from a time or monetary donation.

Read our policy

Love all the official nuts and bolts? Check out our official sustainability company policy.

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I want to pitch in!

Check out our blog post for some big and small ways you can make your events more sustainable. Every little bit helps!