Agencies get by with a little help from Swoogo

At event agencies, events are life. Not only do you need a partner who can help you deliver stellar events, you need a platform your clients can depend on, without hidden fees around every corner. It’s a perfect recipe for Swoogo.

Ease of Use
Get employees and clients alike, onboarded and running events sooner, with our easy-to-learn dashboard.
Unlimited customization
Offer your clients a fully branded and white-labeled experience, without racking up fees.
In-house support
For you, but also for your clients who have a full-use license. Offer prospects our best-in-class support superstars.

Making it easier for you to do business

Agencies have a unique business model that combines players from multiple specialties. You need an event management platform that can cooperate.

A partner in your success

Swoogo is more than an event management platform for agencies; we give you a solid event foundation to offer to clients, with transparent up-front costs, unlimited events and registration, and a fully white-labeled experience. By avoiding hidden, tacked-on fees, you can offer better bids, and win more business.

Hub of Swoogo Integrations

Why can’t we be friends?

We know Swoogo is only one part of your agency’s event offerings. In the true spirit of cooperation, use of our integrations and payment gateways are always free, so you can offer a seamless combo of several companies’ event and marketing resources. We make it easy for you to offer us as part of a package.

Pricing that agencies love

Hear how one Swoogo customer – an event agency with 30 years of history – leveraged Swoogo’s flexible platform and user-based pricing.

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Sometimes Swoogo isn’t your best fit, but whether you settle on us or not, here are some things you should know about Swoogo vs the event industry norms.

User-based pricing

User-based pricing model

User-based pricing means Swoogo is a partner in your success. Your clients can hold as many events as they want, and register as many attendees as they can get, without paying for each and every one. This means you can cheer them on every step of the way.

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Registration-based pricing

Registration-based pricing means that holding a bigger, more successful event will cost you, and your clients, more. Paying for every registration means your clients have to constantly ask themselves, is this event worth it? No one wants that.


All integrations included, no extra cost

Your clients might only need one integration, or they might need ten. No problem. They can use them for free, out of the box. Swoogo also offers free use of our payment gateways, savings you can include on your bids, to win more business.

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Watch out! Hidden charges ahead

It’s industry standard to charge for integrations. Sometimes a lot. Most platforms emphasize how small a fee they require to use payment gateways, usually a percentage. But it’s still a fee. All those little percentages really add up. And you won’t know until you get the bill.


If we make it, you can customize it

Swoogo is the most customizable event management on the market. With unlimited layers of conditional logic, write-your-own registration questions, and a fully whitelabelable platform, your clients will be able to have a truly one-of-a-kind event experience. And we don’t charge extra for any of it.

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Limits on customization … unless you pay up

Customization isn’t unique to Swoogo, but the lack of an additional price tag is. At other companies, you’ll pay for website layouts, extra layers of questions on your registration forms, and visual branding. Even after all that, you’re still going to see their brand name all over the site … unless you pay to take it off.

DIY … or not

Take control

Swoogo’s dashboard is famously easy to learn—and has an award-winning support team backing it up—so you can offer your clients any level of assistance they want. Do you specialize in fully-built, custom event websites? Bring your own HTML. Is event management part of a package for event planners to go off on their own? You can do that with us too.

A heavy hand on your steering wheel

Not to brag, but agencies love us because most other event management companies offer one kind of event experience. If your clients have to pay extra for every piece of custom code, branded graphic, and integration, why should they bother with an agency at all?

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