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Agencies can clone events, keep siloed data secure, and automate custom reports for every client

Meet Evia

Evia is a digital content agency that has been operating for thirty years, and has seen just about everything—from video cassettes through burned CDs—and keeps evolving and finding new ways to serve their customers. In 2021 they realized they needed a new event management platform that would let them offer a huge range of customization, and could integrate the hardware and software needed to run their agency. And they really needed an annual subscription model. When Swoogo and Evia met, they knew they were destined to be besties.

Case Study TL;DR

As an agency, Evia serves a huge range of clients, from enterprise to small nonprofits. Swoogo’s fully customizable platform helps them accommodate everyone. Unlimited conditional logic is a highlight because so many of their clients are doing different things for their events, so Evia’s pride themselves on being able to offer it all. When in doubt, Evia loves Swoogo’s customer support team and has been blown away by their helpfulness and speed. The clincher? Swoogo’s annual subscription pricing model that lets them execute an unlimited number of events for their clients.

“I think the thing that saves the most time is the ability to clone events. I can create an event for one client, and then if I have a different client that’s wanting something pretty similar in terms of features or user workflow, I can just clone that event and then really tailor or customize it from there, so I’m not having to reinvent the wheel every time.”

Jenny Bowen, Evia

The Challenges

Evia is a digital production agency that has thrived for thirty years by evolving with the industry and being constantly in touch with their clients’ needs. The vast variety of their clients means they need to be able to offer a wide range of options to each and every one. They have both hardware and software that are crucial to their ability to do business, and they need an events partner that evolves as fast as they do.

Working with so many customers means that Evia needs to be able to send the right reports and analytics to each of their different clients, and that can take a lot of legwork. Because they serve customers both large and small, they have a huge range of use cases and need to be able to run many events, with a large variation of needs. Beyond the necessity of a platform that can handle this range, they also need help talking through the nuts and bolts of some very unique customer requirements, and are in need of access to a good customer support team.

The Solutions

One of Evia’s event managers joined after Evia signed up with Swoogo, and taught herself the whole dashboard from videos and help center articles, in less than two weeks. We won’t make you do that (you’ll love our Learning and development team!), but it’s totally possible.

Free integrations and streaming are a big deal to Evia, and being able to offer them to their clients, no charge, has been a game-changer, and unlimited conditional logic helps create a unique experience for each event and registrant type.

A huge fave for Evia is Swoogo’s customized reports with live links. Their clients often don’t have their own full license for the Swoogo platform, so being able to create a live link means clients can still look at their data at any point. That keeps Evia’s team from needing to constantly send reports throughout the event lifecycle.

While they work, Evia’s event team can feel confident knowing Swoogo’s in-house support team is an email or video call away, ready to work through questions quickly, and offering innovative solutions. First-response time? 15 minutes. Not hours. Minutes.

Evia is a long-term company that knows how to find the best tools and grab them. Swoogo is stoked to be a partner in Evia’s success.

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