Data + Insights

Solid event data, reliable metrics

No more organizing events with twelve Excel sheets, a wish, and a hope. Get an event management platform that delivers solid data and analytics, so you can have an event strategy, not just an event schedule.

Solid event data, reliable metrics
Swoogo Analytics
Turn on Swoogo Analytics with the click of a button to start seeing your attendee activity data in real-time.
Integrate with a CRM
Don’t silo your data! Build an integrated martech stack that enables your data to flow to a CRM.
Use attendee data to build
Create any kind of report you need, to put the best data into the right hands, and build your next event even bigger.
Attendee Intelligence
Learn how the combination of registration data and attendee activity data can help you build, scale, and boost that ROI.

Results you can bank on

Revenue generation is one of the most tangible benefits of leveraging Swoogo Analytics into your marketing portfolio. Swoogo Analytics makes event attendees (or leads) more likely to convert, and those conversions mean cold, hard cash for your company. This valuable ROI data can help increase ticket sales, conversion rates, and sponsorship opportunities.
Cross-event reporting

Repeat and scale and scale

Use analytics from each previous event to target attendees, create more valuable content, and make your event grow, time after time. Swoogo makes it easy.

Swoogo Analytics

Capture attendee engagement data

Use Swoogo Analytics (or BYO analytics platform) to catch and store all of your attendee data to use for personalized outreach for your next event.

Custom reports

Get the reports you need

Every business has different needs, and needs different data. Customize your reports to get the exact insights you want, right when you want them.

Good data requires great security.

Swoogo is SOC2, ISO 27001, PCI and GDPR compliant

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“Swoogo analytics is extremely helpful to better understand our events and how to make them better…”
Melissa R | American Tradeshow Services