Hey 👋 We’re Swoogo

Since 2015, we’ve been on a mission to make it easier for event professionals to get more done in less time (with fewer headaches). Here’s how it all started.

When Leonora Valvo and Tim Cummins set out to build Swoogo, they were on a mission: create an event management platform that doesn’t make users want to bang their heads against a wall. Simple as it sounds, no existing solution could claim such an achievement. This wasn’t in the early days of SaaS, either— Swoogo was founded in 2015. Since then, Swoogo has grown from a fledgling idea in a kitchen to a thriving event management solution with 70+ employees, but our mission has always remained the same.

Our team of creative producers, relationship makers, idea builders, and straight up people-people work like superheroes to make sure our customers, our prospects, our partners, friends— heck, the whole industry— know we have their back.

Faces > Emails

Our team is the best part of Swoogo. Meet the people behind your marketing emails, feature suggestions, support tickets, and everywhere else.

Jamison Abston
Sales Operations Specialist
Jake Albers
Training Specialist
Celina Avalos
Account Manager
Stacey Baer
VP, Marketing
Gurneet Banga
Application Support Specialist
Caroline Billinson
Sr. Account Manager
Carrie Boogaart
Manager, Learning & Development
Shawn Bruce
Director, Sales Engineering
Bruce Brussow
Application Support Specialist
Vanessa Campbell
Account Manager
Ira Canete
Graphic Designer
Rachel Carter
SVP, Engagement and Culture
Chris Cassimus
VP, Product
Emily Catani
Sr. Director, Account Management
Tim Cummins
Founder, Chief Software Architect
Marielos Plazaola Diaz
Application Support Specialist
Jaime Dorn
Sr. Swoogo Trainer
Max Doubenski
VP, Strategy
Rob Dunn
Account Executive
Tate Dunyon
Associate Product Manager
Will Etling
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Nuno Fernandes
Senior DevOps Engineer
Jessica Fields
Engineering Manager
Aaron Forsyth
Sr. Software Engineer
Abby Foutch
Manager, Demand Generation
Aaron Garner
Application Support Specialist
Jihan Donawa Gibson
Account Manager
Samantha Gilmore
Marketing Specialist
Pablo Gonzalez
Product Manager
Kenny Hall
Software Engineer
Andrell Hardaway
Account Executive
Sam Harkness
SVP, Partnerships
Kimberley Harper
Account Executive
Chris Haupt
VP, Engineering
Gigi Herron
Senior Account Manager
Joe Huisman
Senior Director, Customer Experience
Francesco Impari
Regional Manager, EMEA
Sarah Jennings
SVP, Sales
Aileen Jiménez
Product Manager
Francois Joubert
Enterprise Account Manager
Hope Keating
EMEA Account Manager
Neil Keefe
In Loving Memory | Former Head of Product
Hamilton Kiah
Sr. Digital Strategist
Daniel Myung Kim
Product Manager
Holly Kinchen
Swoogo Trainer
Conor Kinsella
Senior Manager, Sales Development
Dan Kraus
Financial Controller
Darin Krauss
Principal Software Engineer
Ethan Lawrence
Software Engineer
Jim Laws
Senior Application Support Specialist
Carmen Lineback
Account Executive
Zach Mayer
Account Executive
Justin Maxwell
Engineering Manager
Dan McGrotty
Application Support Specialist
Kirsten Milliken
Application Support Specialist
Adrian Nguyen
Sales Development Representative
Gwinn Nixon
Senior Software Engineer
Valerie Oakhu
Application Support Specialist
Stephen Oppelt
Manager, Application Support
Susan Perry
Account Executive
Tyler Pigford
Sr. Application Support Specialist
Aprilynne Pike
Sr. Content Writer
Blake Roberts
APAC, Regional Manager
Nathan Roth
Pro Services Specialist
Ellie Ryan
Sales Manager
James Santiago
AR/AP Clerk
Scott Sarata
Associate Sales Engineer
Sheryl Schulman
Professional Services Manager
Paul Singh
Senior Enterprise Account Manager
Erin Smith
Senior Director, Sales
Amber Springmeyer
Account Executive
Chris Sykes
Shaina Tarter
Application Support Specialist
Zoe Thompson
Account Executive
Marc Thornton
Account Executive
Dylan Trooien
Software Engineer II
Leonora Valvo
Anthony Vega
VP, Finance
Eliecer A Vera
Software Engineer II
Charlotte Vilanova
Sales Operations Administrator
Maggie Walsh
Associate Creative Manager
Dustin Ware
Sales Operations Director
Kerry Wentworth
Program Manager, Product Ops