Our core purpose is the single statement
that defines why our company exists:

Empowering anyone to bring people together.

Core values

Our core values are deeply ingrained principles that guide all of our company's actions, and serve as our cultural cornerstones.

Own it

We step up and take responsibility.

Pitch in

We work together; we help where we can and ask when we need it.

Learn together

When we know something, we share it. When someone shares with us, we receive it.

Keep it simple

No instructions needed.

We care

Be genuine. Be honest. Be kind.

Why our culture matters

Culture happens. If we don’t form it for our betterment, it will coast to the negative. We choose to control and shape our company culture so we can help each other be our best selves.

Our core values help us to align how we view ourselves, how we approach customer interactions, and how we behave as individuals and as a company.

In order to deliver a unified, positive experience for our customers and co-workers, we must define who we are, and how we interact with each other and our customers.

We remind ourselves regularly that we each have the power to change the experience of our customers and co-workers for the better, every single day.

What is the Swoogoverse?

When we set out to define Swoogo’s values, we were determined to not simply create a list of values. Many corporate value lists are dry, uninspired, and essentially, without impact. At Swoogo we value action. We center our values around actions, and we celebrate our teammates and ourselves.

The values and mission of Swoogo are aspirations that drive us, that we gaze up at for orientation, inspiration, and direction: They are stars.

Team constellations

Each team’s culture looks a little different and is the result of individual stories. Our constellations help us tell those stories.

Our team constellations are made of three things:

Icon of a star


What are the things we value that we use to help steer our decisions?

Icon of a constellation


What is a shape or symbol that embodies the collective values we share as a team?

Icon of three lines


What story does this tell about us as a team?

So... what's your sign?