Great events need great registration

Registration: a critical moment to make a good first impression with customers and convert them to attendees. With Swoogo you can:

  • Build bespoke registration paths with unlimited customizations
  • Capture key data, share it in reports, pass it to other platforms
  • Make your event registration fun, on-brand, and visually stunning
  • Easily clone and repeat once you’ve built your dream reg flow
Great events need great registration
Trusted by brands you love
Without the simplicity and the strength of Swoogo’s product, I don’t think we could do as good as we do.
Mike Morgan, Senior Director, Corporate Events
I can do the volume of events that we do from start to finish in an hour. It’s more than I expected, because of its ease of use.
Tricia Williamson, Event Technology Director
Managing registration for over 7,000 attendees in 11 US cities on the same day is complicated! Swoogo made it a breeze! The conditional logic makes it easy.
Dustin S., Via G2
Any type of thing we’ve needed, Swoogo has been able to provide. One of the reasons why I will probably always work with Swoogo as long as I’m in this industry.
Rebecca Sullivan, Director, Consumer Marketing

Build a customized registration experience the easy way

Bring in your branding

Write your own questions in company voice and bring in colors, logos, and themes. Use your registration form as a launch pad for your entire event experience.

Unlimited conditional logic

No limits to conditional logic (or reg types or custom questions) means you can branch and weave to fit your ICP, creating a streamlined process with a lower chance of quitting.

Flexible registration

Not ready to open reg? Not enough space? Allow early birds to put themselves on an invite list, or automatically move people to a waitlist until space opens up.

Set your reg data free

Your registration data doesn’t need to just live in Swoogo. Easily connect your tech stack and choose what data to send. Update campaigns, attendance, contact records, and more.
Event Payments Done Right

Collect payments easily, with fewer fees

Set different pricing based on ANY registrant attribute. Allow attendees to choose how they pay. Swoogo makes event payments easy with a variety of payment integrations. Best of all? We don’t take an extra fee from every transaction – that’s between you and your payment gateway!

Registration time? Make your brand shine

Some incredible organizations and brands are building amazing registration experiences on Swoogo!

Start your data journey right, with the first touchpoint: registration

Ask the questions YOU need

The data you capture during registration will determine how you personalize the entire experience for this event, and help you strategize for the next one.

Custom fields = great data

Add your own data fields to capture the important details about registrants. Show or hide fields based on registrant answers; use hidden fields to collect referral or UTM data. Swoogo lets you get your data in top shape for event logistics and revenue analysis.

Privacy and data protection

Let attendees know their personal and financial info is safe. Swoogo offers contact and field scrubbing for GDPR compliance, plus visible security and compliance notices, and maintains multiple security certifications.
Customized Reporting

You can have any registration report your heart desires

Whether you’re delivering data to sales, demand generation, your CMO, or anyone else, Swoogo lets you build and share whatever reports you need— from registration responses to event stats to individual attendees’ in-event activity.

Great events create unstoppable momentum

User-based pricing=more events

Event-driven growth is helping companies scale across the globe. Our pricing means you can hold more events, for more registrants, for the same price, to ROI faster.

Easy cloning: rinse and repeat

Cloning a past event makes repeating and scaling up your event strategy easier than ever. Keep large volumes of events on-brand with themes and shared custom fields.

Powerful integrations

Whatever tech is essential for your event, we’ll help you hook it up to Swoogo, no extra fees. Feed your registrant data to Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, and more.

More than a technology vendor, we’re your partner

Every customer receives a personal account manager, as well as full access to our legendary, in-house support team, so you can build fearlessly!