Lights, camera, event management for media

Media companies have some specific needs that Swoogo is perfectly designed to fill. A big, glitzy flagship sure, but many media events happen behind the scenes. Get the event management platform that will help you run big and small events, seamlessly.

Bring your team
With user-based pricing, you can have one multi-talented user, or a huge team of specialists.
Your brand IS your biz
What is a media corp without their brand? Swoogo understands that, so customization is standard.
High or low profile
Set up each individual event for max visibility! … Or, keep firm control over who’s in the know.

You in the spotlight,
 us in the wings

Whether you’re in print media, TV, web, advertising, video games, film, music (we could go on for days) media companies need their people and content front and center. Swoogo knows when to take a backseat.

All you, all the time

Every element of Swoogo is customizable and whitelabelable. That’s because we understand that we’re supposed to be your partner, not your competition.

Stuff happens—we’re flexible

COVID, late planes, venue catastrophes. With Swoogo you can change an entire event to digital with the touch of a button. Things end up working out? Great! Change it right back. Disasters happen, but we’ll help your show go on.


Sometimes Swoogo isn’t your best fit, but whether you settle on us or not, here are some things you should know about Swoogo vs the event industry norms.

User-based pricing

User-based pricing model

User-based pricing means Swoogo is a partner in your success. You can hold as many events as you want, and register as many attendees as you can get, without paying for each one. Don’t hesitate to launch a small internal event; just do it.

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Registration-based pricing

Registration-based pricing means that holding a bigger, more successful event will cost you, and your clients, more. Paying for every registration means you have to constantly ask yourself, is this event worth it? No one wants that.


All integrations included, no extra cost

You might only need one integration, or you might need ten. No problem. You can use them for free, out of the box. Think Marketo, Hubspot, Salesforce. All the tools you need, no extra cost.

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Watch out! Hidden charges ahead

It’s industry standard to charge for integrations. Sometimes a lot. Most platforms emphasize how small a fee they require to use payment gateways, usually a percentage. But it’s still a fee. All those little percentages really add up. And you won’t know until you get the bill.


Your brand > our brand

Swoogo is the most customizable event management on the market. With unlimited layers of conditional logic, write-your-own registration questions, and a fully whitelabelable platform, you’ll be able to throw a truly one-of-a-kind event experience. And we don’t charge extra for any of it.

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Limits on customization … unless you pay up

Customization isn’t unique to Swoogo, but the lack of an additional price tag is. At other companies, you’ll pay for website layouts, extra layers of questions on your registration forms, and visual branding. Even after all that, you’ll still see their brand name all over the site … unless you pay to take it off.

Seamless streaming

Choose your streamer

I bet you’re streaming something. We don’t pick favorites. Stream with Zoom or On24, or embed directly with Wistia, Vimeo, or YouTube. Or something else entirely. We also have security protocols that keep your embedded content where it belongs—on your site.

Maybe you’ll get the choice … maybe

Most platforms have a particular streaming platform they prefer, and it shows. Want a different one? Or to use more than one for different presenters? They’ll tack on fees for that.