Event Hub

A smart home for all your events

Swoogo’s Event Hub is the perfect home for your events; where your attendees can learn, connect, explore, and hang out. All while you’re collecting useful data.

A smart home for all your events
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“I can use the same platform for all of our event offerings and customize each to their specific use…”
Lindsay J | Construction Instruction

There’s no place like home

Swoogo helps you manage your attendee experience for all types of events
Attendee organization

Get everyone to the right session

Swoogo’s Event Hub makes getting people where they need to go easier. For them and for you. Clear scheduling, waiting rooms, and live streaming. This is your #1 tool.

Help your event attendees network with each other

Connections matter

Create a browsable attendee library with open meeting slots, and the ability to instantly spin up 1:1 (or small group) meetings, all within the Event Hub.

Content management

Choose your (streaming) fighter

Embed content seamlessly into your Event Hub. Stream with Zoom or On24, or embed directly with Wistia, Vimeo, or YouTube. Or something else entirely.