Support / Learning & Development

Getting you up to speed and keeping your events running smoothly

We’ve all sat on hold for literally hours. Only to reach a real person who … refers you back to the website. Or is clearly reading off a screen. No offense to those patient, often very hard-working crew members, but there’s a better way.

Getting you up to speed and keeping your events running smoothly
People who care

Swoogo’s Support Superstars

We keep our fantastic support team in-house, so you’ll get a first response in 15 minutes or less. In fact, our award-winning support team (included with every level of Swoogo’s subscriptions) is faster and higher quality than most other event companies’ premium support, that you have to pay to get access to. And their normal support? Count their response times in days, not hours.

In-house support

Our Support members are part of the Swoogo team

Talk about home-court advantage. We don’t outsource our support, which means every time you connect with our support team, you’re getting someone who knows Swoogo inside and out, and is invested in the success of both our company, and yours.

Swoogo Support has a fast response time
Quick response

Fastest response time in the West!

And by West we mean the entire events industry. During our service hours (M-F, 9 am-9 pm local time, globally!) we’ll get you a first response in about 15 minutes.

Sometimes that means problem solved! Or maybe we need more information from you. But you’ll know exactly what we’re doing, and what progress we’ve made. It’s not unusual for our team to resolve your issue faster than other companies would even get back to you.

Swoogo support only closes tickets once you are satisfied
Satisfaction guaranteed

You’re the boss

At Swoogo, we don’t decide if a ticket is closed—you do. When you’re satisfied, and only when you’re satisfied, does support mark your ticket as completed.

What our customers think

Our support sets us apart

Hear how one Swoogo customer found our Support team to be an invaluable resource for their Swoogo journey.

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What difference does it make?

Not to puff up your ego, but keeping our support team in house is all about YOU:

You are an event professional—you deserve an expert response from someone who takes your concern seriously.
You have a whole event at stake. You can’t afford to wait hours for help. Fifteen minutes? That’s reasonable.
You know how to use Google. If a support call just means someone else Googles for you, is it really support?
You aren’t in touch directly with our engineering team, but our Support Superstars are. They’ll find you an answer.
“Swoogo’s Customer Success is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The support staff are not just merely technical bodies to assist you in using the software, either — they’re well-versed meeting and event professionals in their own right. You’re truly in good hands with Swoogo’s Customer Success team.”
Nick C | G2

Our Learning & Development specialists

We pride ourselves on our intuitive, easy-to-learn dashboard. But everyone likes a tour guide. (They know all the good secrets.)
Ongoing learning

You’re more than a number on a spreadsheet

There are far too many companies that cut you loose the second your payment clears. Swoogo will never be that company. As soon as you get your login credentials, you can sign up for our weekly Swoogo 101 and 102 courses. More complex needs? No problem. We’ve got individual sessions. Lose a team member and have a new (clueless) one? We’ll train them too. We never want you to feel lost.

Swoogo training helps you learn our platform
Practice makes perfect

Weekly training groups—no limits

Sometimes you come out of a training so jazzed, that you miss some of the finer points. Or maybe you had a schedule problem and couldn’t make one of the two classes. Or you just learn better through repetition. No worries. With our new weekly Swoogo 101 and 102 group trainings, you can go back to class as many times as you need. No fees. We want you to feel confident in yourself and our dashboard.

Explore on your own

A Help Center that … helps!

Seems like that ought to be the norm, right? Swoogo’s Help Center Experience puts you at the center of your own learning. Every level of Swoogo gives you full access to our newly-renovated, constantly updated Help Center Experience, with searchable articles full of helpful callouts, tips, and videos. And since L&D and Support work hand-in-hand, go ahead and ask. They’ll find you what you need.

What difference does it make?

You guessed it, Learning & Development is also all about YOU:

You have your own learning style—we’ll figure out what works, and get you set up. Videos? Articles? Dig right in? You do you.
You don’t have time for some clunky help center full of vague articles—search for specific use-case and get better answers.
You aren’t a software engineer. Probably. Maybe you are. Either way, we don’t expect you to be. But there’s flexibility if you are.
You need an event toolbox—we’re here to fill it. That’s our job. From automation to website wizards, we’ve got lots of tools.