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Events are a chance to drive brand recognition—don’t use a platform that wants to steal your show. From your landing page, to your registration form, to your very last email, Swoogo puts your brand where it belongs: in the spotlight.

Swoogo Event Marketing Software


“Swoogo is the only platform that has enabled us to have the ability to customize an event to our… brand requirements. You can get as complex as you want (if you can do HTML, CSS, Javascript) or as simple as you want (plug and play widgets and templates).”

Ashesh S. | G2


Give your events a seat at the marketing table

With Attendee Intelligence, your event data is working harder for you than ever. Event activity data combined with smart registration data delivers unmatched insights into your audience and how they interact with your content.


We’ve got your website right here


Build beautiful landing pages, no coding chops required. Drag and drop everything from countdowns to speaker bios right onto your page, then dress it up with your brand colors, fonts, logo and images. Poof—you just became a web designer.


Become an effortless communicator


With Swoogo’s built-in email platform you can automate all your important event messages, from registration confirmations to session updates, with event- and registration-based triggers. Swoogo emails can be plain text, built with drag-and-drop, or imported from your own HTML. Your choice.


Know the way from A to B


Add Google Analytics tracking and your Facebook Pixel in two clicks, to become the registrant journey Nostradamus you were born to be.


Less pain, more gain


Start promoting Sooner

Build your entire drag-and-drop landing page on Swoogo’s no-code platform in 15 minutes or less.


Customize painlessly

Easily import HTML landing page files to use your custom design with Swoogo functionality.


Automate event communications

Deliver trigger-based event communications with the drag-and-drop email builder.


Stop starting from scratch

Save time (and headaches) by cloning existing event templates across your account.