Work doesn’t have to feel so… worky

Looking for a company you’d actually enjoy working for? Team Swoogo is an unmatched group of humans who actually love their jobs.

Why work at Swoogo?

Live (or move) anywhere
Our whole company is remote! We’re based in Cali, and lots of Swoogans live there … but also across the map, and over the seas.
Company culture
We know other companies say it, but we mean it. Check out our mission to learn about the culture we all work hard to nurture.
Everyone’s a person
From the CEO to the support team to the engineers, you can bring your questions, concerns, (and jokes!) to anyone with our company-wide Slack.
Life work balance
Yes, in that order. Swoogo hires people. Not statistic, not numbers, not billable hours. We value your family, friends, and mental health.
Grow with us
Swoogo is growing and there’s tons of career opportunity here. Climb the ladder, or settle in to a specialty. Or jump departments entirely.
Work hard, play hard
We work hard. We show up and do our best, and trust our coworkers to do the same. We also joke, kudos, laugh, and cheer each other on.

Perks, perks, perks

Come on, everyone loves them! But you won’t find a company ping-pong table here—this is the good stuff.

Fully remote

As long as you have WiFi, you’re good to go, wherever you are.


We’re keeping an eye on your future, not just your present.

Unlimited PTO

And we really mean it. You’ll hear from us if you don’t take enough PTO.

Health insurance

Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision plans to meet your needs.

Parental leave

Biological, adoptive, and anything in between; all new parents are eligible.

Travel stipend

A yearly allowance for a minimum (yes minimum) five day vacation.

Tech stipend

Any tech or home-office equipment. Whatever you need to do your job.


Free one-year membership, with 24/7 mental health access.

Bi-annual offsites

Nothing makes us happier than seeing each other’s faces IRL.

Stock options

Be part of the company, literally, as we grow and reach goals.

Competitive pay

We’ll pay you what you’re worth; we want you to stay.


We cover the fees, you enjoy the food. Jammies optional.

Open positions


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