November 24, 2021   |   Samantha Gilmore

Supercharge Your Event Metrics With Attendee Activity Data

Knowing who interacts with what content is key when it comes to targeting the right messages to the right people to increase your registrations, personalize your marketing and increase ROI.

You can use attendee activity data, or as we like to call it, Attendee Intelligence, during every phase of the event lifecycle to segment your audience for smarter marketing campaigns, deliver better content to your audience, and increase value & ROI for event sponsors.

Attendee Intelligence is the best way for planners to see who has interacted with their content or marketing materials (i.e. clicks, page views, session attendance). 

Tracking this data helps marketers build better events, deliver better content & produce more targeted marketing materials.


Google analytics helps marketers understand how people discover their event.

  • Demand gen team can then augment channels, programs & geo-locations that are driving registrations + track clicks on event sites. 
  • Note: Google Analytics can only kind of tell you who’s interacting with your pages. GA provides a user ID to follow activity–but you’ll never know exactly who they are (think Kim K @ Met Gala).

During + Post-event

You should be tracking data that tells you how people interact with your event.

  • AKA smarter, more personalized marketing. See how different types of attendees (industry, role, demographics) interact with different content & provide that same segmentation to sponsors.

Enrich your existing Google Analytics tracking to boost ROI

Step 1: Segment your audience for smarter marketing campaigns

Audience activity data helps you to better understand the behaviors & interests of specific groups within your marketing contacts, allowing you to target messaging through a variety of campaigns.

Marketers see an average 760% increase in email revenue from segmented campaigns. (The Data & Marketing Association)

Step 2: Deliver better content to your audience

Boost attendee engagement & event experience through smart content tracks–session groups that point specific types of attendees to content they might like.

82% of marketers who use personalized marketing tactics using attendee activity data see a boost in email open rates. (The Institute of Direct + Digital Marketing)

56 % of marketers see a boost in overall revenue. (The Institute of Direct + Digital Marketing)

Step 3: Increase value & ROI for event sponsors

Provide sponsors with ‘click lists’ (i.e. names, emails, & phone numbers of every attendee who visited their booth). This is instant fuel for their outbound SDR teams, increasing the chance that their investment will be ROI positive & that they’ll show back up to sponsor next year.

74% of marketers say targeted personalization increases customer engagement rates. (eConsultancy)

Segmented, targeted & personalized emails generate 58% of all revenue. (DMA)

Event marketing made smarter with Swoogo Analytics

Create targeted, personalized experiences for your audience with Swoogo Analytics.

  • Help sponsors better understand their market & materials, proving your event audience is a great fit for their offering.
  • Deliver valuable content to your audience, build out smart tracks & deliver more relevant messages across your marketing channels.
  • Attract more attendees to your next event by targeting your marketing cadences to your audience’s proven interests.

Ready to nerd out on your event data? Create personalized experiences for your audience & amplify your event ROI with Swoogo Analytics.