Using Swoogo Support

Here at Swoogo, people come for the product but stay for the support. Here’s why we are trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands. 

Onboarding & Training

All new Swoogo customers get immediate access to our training portal with tons of self-directed and on-demand content, and TWO 60-minute, custom training sessions for your users—compliments of Swoogo.

Enterprise customers get up to 3 training sessions (depending on user package and specific needs), plus we’ll have a 30-minute check-in call once a week for your first four weeks. We can use that time to help you get even comfier in the system, set up events, or just trade memes—whatever ya need.

We also host (live) open training sessions so you can always sign on for a little refresher or to ask any not-so-burning questions (for burning questions we recommend chatting with support).


SPEAKING of support, we’re always happy to help. Support is provided to Full-Users of each account (not Reporting-Users; these users should reach out to their account admin(s)). There are three great ways to reach us and a few not-so-effective ones.

Great ways

Not-so-effective ones

If your support ticket needs a little extra love, we’re always happy to jump on a quick call and screen share to make sure you’re totally taken care of. That being said, we don’t offer inbound phone support: we really, truly believe helping you out online is easier for you, where we can send screenshots, videos, and tons of details to help point you in the right direction. In addition to that, you have a resource to refer back to if/when you need to set up the same feature in the future. 

Natural problem solver? We have goodies for you too. Our support document library has extensive information on how to use the system.

Sometimes when we get a question that our customers ask a lot, we’ll direct you to a document in our Help Center where we’ve already laid out the answer in the best and most thorough way. These posts include screenshots, videos, and can help you describe your problem better if you still feel like you need to chat with us.

Our live monthly open training sessions are also helpful if you have more general questions or need help learning to use specific functionality or features.

Ticket response and resolution times

When you send us an email or support ticket, we promise to always get back to you with a solution super fast. Like the Flash fast. Sonic the Hedgehog fast.

We consider a response to your ticket to be our first touch on the request: that is, when we get back to you to let you know we’re working on a solution, whether that’s by email or chat. We try to get back to you with a solution right away, but sometimes we’ll need some more info from you first.

We measure our response time from the second you send us the request in the online system.

While we accept support tickets from 4 am ET – 9 pm ET, our guaranteed initial response times apply to any ticket or request submitted between 9 am and 9 pm ET, Monday through Friday.

If your event is about to go live and you want to make sure we’re around in case you have a problem, no worries: you can arrange for out-of-hours support in advance.

All tickets are responded to and triaged by the Customer Success Team within 15 minutes of the time we get them. If your ticket is flagged as Urgent, we’ll have it marked as an Incident or Problem within 5 minutes of confirming the issue during normal business hours.

If you hit us with a High or Urgent priority system issue outside of our normal business hours, we’ll get to it then and there, and respond to you within 30 minutes of confirming the problem. We have a few people monitoring the system at all times, including the weekend, so you’re never really alone (not in a creepy way, don’t make it weird).