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Swoogo powers global flagship for Fortune 100 company

Fortune 100 companies host large, complex events with specific requirements. They need a flexible, long-term event partner that can work with them to achieve their business goals and give their attendees an exceptional experience. When this Fortune 100 company approached us, we were determined to be the partner we knew they deserved.

The problem

This Fortune 100 company came to us in a bit of urgency, just months before their global flagship event. They needed a platform able to collect and push personal, attendee, and financial data for their 175,000 registrants from various software platforms, sort and store it with the highest degree of security, and then sync that data from Swoogo into multiple platforms. More than a year and two global flagship events later, we’ve become a true team.

The people

Business is people and that doesn’t stop being true just because you make the Fortune 100 list. Before anything had even been signed, Swoogo worked to earn this company’s trust by fully committing to their success. After signing, a tailored plan ensured seamless support and onboarding, with direct access to our product enablement pros. A team of key strategic account and technical managers were assigned to help them make faster decisions on implementations, align on strategic KPIs and event goals, and learn best practices directly from Swoogo experts.

The solutions

Why does a large, global company choose to switch event management platforms? It’s not a decision to take lightly. 

What were their biggest priorities? Security, integrations, and scalability.

Elite-level security and compliance was crucial for this company’s global registration and data needs, and Swoogo’s top-tier security compliance—including SOC2, ISO 27001, and PCI-DSS Level 1— plus Swoogo’s customer data ownership policies, were able to make this company confident their, and their attendees’, data would be safe and secure.

It was essential for this customer to connect their existing sales, marketing, and CDP platforms to Swoogo’s ecosystem. Our robust API, as well as excellent native integrations, allowed them to push and pull enormous amounts of data, securely, through the Swoogo platform.

After a successful first year, this company was looking for a partner they could build their next event with, from the ground up. They were all-in on our completely customizable registration, multi-track functionality, responsive backend, and automated marketing tools. For their 2023 event, they used all of them.

Of course, budget matters too. With Swoogo’s people-first approach, this Fortune 100 company was able to both improve their attendees’ experience, and allow their event planning team to do more, without the steep costs they’d been dealing with. Swoogo offered them a stable budget, a joint vision of their success metrics and business goals, and a path to not only achieve, but exceed them.

In the end, Swoogo gave this company a better experience all around and unlocked $1.2 million per year in additional value, versus their previous provider.  More importantly, we were able to offer them exceptional quality, a true partnership in their success, and a better experience that they could turn around and serve to their attendees.

This company was looking for a partner they could build their next event with from the ground up.

Looking to the future

This company came to Swoogo in 2022, particularly needing our powerful integration functionality, protected by elite-level security—all to help execute one of the largest flagship events in the world. After they found Swoogo to be up to the task, this company added even more teams to Swoogo and we all worked together to pull off another fantastic Tier 1 event in 2023, with hybrid and in-person solutions. 

Like any good partner, they push us too! Alongside them, we’ve created new solutions, tackled novel hurdles, and celebrated joint-successes. We call this an excellent group project that we know will grow and thrive for years to come.

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