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Ease of use and seamless integrations: GlobalFoundries can create events in 2 hours flat

Since switching to Swoogo, Global Foundries has been able to increase the quality of their events and efficiency in their daily work—all while saving money.

Case Study TL;DR

After trying both Cvent and Aventri, GlobalFoundries was still not finding the ease of use, flexible customization, and affordability they were looking for in an event management platform. Since switching to Swoogo, GF has been able to increase the quality of their events and efficiency in their daily work—all while saving money.

“All event directors and event managers should be using Swoogo. Those people are really busy in their daily life at work, and Swoogo will help them to be more efficient.”

Jerome Fohet — Sr. Marketing Communications Manager, Global Foundries

The Challenges

When GlobalFoundries started building events in Aventri they quickly faced design limitations and realized just how difficult Aventri was to use. The UI was very outdated and they had to go through multiple sub-menus to find particular functionalities to turn on for the event. Overall, it wasted a lot of time and the finished product wasn’t to their standard due to the design limitations. GF needed to find an event management solution that could not only handle in-person, virtual, and hybrid events but one that was easy to use and offered flexible customization.

The Solution 

The first payoff GlobalFoundries found when switching from Aventri to Swoogo was the ease of use and clean UI. Swoogo’s event management platform is so intuitive that learning the platform was so quick and easy that GF immediately started seeing increased efficiency in their daily work. It took Jerome Fohet, GlobalFoundries’ Senior Events Manager, half a day to learn Swoogo. GF is now able to create a full event including sponsors, agenda, webpage, speakers, etc. in just 2 hours. Then GlobalFoundries was able to completely customize their events with the use of Swoogo’s REST API and pre-built integrations with EventMobi and FieldDrive. Lastly, Swoogo fulfilled GlobalFoundries’ need of being a one-stop-shop for in-person, hybrid, and virtual events, which saved GF money from having to find an expensive virtual solution when covid hit.

After trying two well-known event platforms, GlobalFoundries was able to find a one-stop solution with Swoogo which included everything they were looking for: ease of use, flexible customization, in-person and virtual event types, and affordability.

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