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Swoogo serves as key connector in technology giant’s tech stack

Fortune 100 companies are a crowning jewel at any B2B company, and landing them is a huge victory. One of the diamonds at Swoogo was won over when we more than halved their event management software budget. But that kind of discount only matters if you can deliver.

The problem

This Fortune 100 company came to us in a bit of urgency just months before their enormous, world-wide event, needing one very specific use case: seamless integration. They needed to push personal, attendee, and financial data for nearly 200,000 registrants into Swoogo from various software platforms, sort and store it with the highest degree of security, and then turn around and push all of that data out of Swoogo and into multiple other software platforms. Call it a data lake, call it a headless event, call it what you will – they needed robust APIs for their event and they needed it fast.

The people

They were already working with Swoogo agency partner, BW Events, who analyzed the needs of this VIP client, evaluated the event management platform they were currently using, and recommended they switch to Swoogo. 

Swoogo connected the company’s team with one of their overseas Account Executives, local to their marquee event. After signing, they were put into the expert hands of Swoogo’s most senior Account Manager, and assigned a personal Support Rep.

Elite-level security and compliance was top priority for this company’s registration data needs, and Swoogo’s top-tier security compliance—including SOC2, ISO 27001, and PCI-DSS Level 1— plus Swoogo’s customer data ownership policies, brought them all the way onboard.

The bottom line

The switch to Swoogo saved this Fortune 100 business $1.2 million, and allowed them to skip over building multiple integrations with the rest of their marketing stack. 

That’s a massive number! How’d we do it? User-based pricing and free integrations. Other companies charge per-registrant or per event (sometimes both), and other platforms also charge for enterprise integrations. Swoogo charges yearly, based on the size of the events team and that’s it. The larger the event, the more money Swoogo saves our customers.

Enterprise companies have big tech stacks, and Swoogo’s not intimidated: bring your stack! We’ll play nice with whatever solutions customers need, from CRM’s, to streaming services, to tax and marketing analysis software. This company brought a complex stack with them, and every piece of software we integrated (for free) saved them money.

In the end, Swoogo slashed this company’s event management price tag by more than half. That was huge for their event budget, and their ROI.

Swoogo slashed this company’s event management price tag by more than half.

The solution

Vast, global companies usually have a tech stack that includes multiple platforms, each performing a very specific function. Due to the limited time between signing and their multi-national event, Swoogo was charged with a single task: facilitating integrations.

Swoogo is the event industry’s leader in integrations for two reasons: efficiency and cost. With their people-focused approach, Swoogo emphasizes their ability to integrate with nearly any platform, either natively, or via REST API and Outbound Webhooks, rather than trying to wall off options in order to keep profit in-house. Offering such a breadth of options means Swoogo’s integration functionality must be dependable, flexible, and easy-to-use. Swoogo also believes these integrations should be free. Offering top-of-market, quality integration capability, at no extra cost, offered this customer the very best solution, for less than half what they had been spending on event management software. With no surprise extras.

Swoogo utilized multiple API connections that allowed all customer data to synch instantly, pushing and pulling all data—including registration modifications—instantly. The data was stored with Swoogo’s full, global protection, and pushed back out to their preferred marketing and analytics platforms.

The big day

Live events are like live theater—anything can go wrong, and you have to be ready. Support and strategy teams from this company and Swoogo—as well as staff from some of the platforms they were integrating with—set up a cooperative, virtual technical support hub, and worked to make sure everything ran smoothly. And it did. Throughout the event, Swoogo received, held, and pushed through data from in-person and virtual attendees, sponsors, speakers, and organizers, as well as financial data, personal info, and lead routing and attribution for 175,000+ attendees.

Looking to the future

This company came to Swoogo needing our powerful integration functionality, but it was simply too close to the event for them to explore Swoogo’s other offerings. After Swoogo proved themselves more than up to the task they were asked to perform, this company has added more teams to Swoogo, who have started exploring further functionality, replacing some of their current partners with Swoogo’s other event management solutions, like our industry-leading registration.

Swoogo signed with this phenomenal company with the explicit expectation of scaling both the functionality of Swoogo, and the number of teams utilizing Swoogo. We look forward to the challenge of providing even more value to our rare gem, and saving them significant time, money, and headaches as they continue to serve their vast, international customer base.

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