April 15, 2024   |   Molly Falco

Cvent vs. Swoogo: Navigating the Event Management Software Landscape

Event management is an intricate balance of logistics and finesse, where your event management platform can turn an event from good to groundbreaking. At first glance, Cvent and Swoogo seem like similar tools with relative outcome parity. But which platform pulls a bigger crowd, and which one leaves attendees clamoring for more?

Getting the Hang of the Two Heavyweights

Cvent is the seasoned pro, boasting a comprehensive suite of solutions that cater to the entire event lifecycle, from initial planning to successful execution. On the other side of the ring is Swoogo, a relative newcomer that prides itself on flexibility, customization, and a touch of personality. Here’s a deeper look into how each one gets the crowd going:

Cvent’s Championship Rounds

Cvent’s resume is stacked. It’s the platform of choice for planners, with a robust list of features tailored to the nuances of various event types. Its battle-tested tools stand out when it comes to traditional conferences and tradeshows with complex logistics. With an industry-spanning versatility, Cvent’s monolithic presence is ubiquitous in the events world.

Swoogo’s Unconventional Flair

Swoogo emphasizes a different set of skills. Flexibility is a byword here; Swoogo is a chameleon, adapting to the specific needs of every event, whether it’s a small gathering or a global industry event.

What it may lack in Cvent’s ‘all-in-one’ feature set, it more than makes up for in its agility and user-friendly approach. Plus, with a network of connected technologies, open API, and robust partner ecosystem, Swoogo’s plug-and-play take on all-in-one provides a refreshing alternative to the clunkier, less specialized feature frankenstein provided by Cvent and other larger alternatives.

User Satisfaction

Swoogo takes this round with a whopping 4.9/5 stars (128 reviews). Cvent boasts a slightly lower rating of 4.3/5 stars, but does have a bigger reviewer pool 1,799 reviews.

Reviewers praise Swoogo for its flexible tech, crazy-fast support, and friendly selling process. Cvent gets kudos for its robust feature set, but is dinged for long contracts, high cost, and unremarkable service.

Features and Usability

The second bout is all about the combination of strength and agility. Swoogo’s 95% satisfaction rating speaks volumes about its well-choreographed features and user-friendly design. Meanwhile, Cvent stays in the fight with solid 89% approval, proving its reliability and industry-standard features still hold weight.

The Market Share Showdown

Cvent’s legacy shines in the numbers with a market share of 5.04%, a record that stands as a testament to its history in the space. Swoogo, with a market share of 0.98%, may seem like a rookie— but as a second-generation tool founded by the same people who brought you Stova (formerly Aventri, Etouches), it’s growing fast and has quickly proven its efficacy and adaptability thanks to the team’s breadth of experience.

The Verdict

The real victor here is the event industry; both Cvent and Swoogo have the features and support to make managing your event seamless.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution and aren’t concerned about platform flexibility, connecting other event technologies, and aren’t too price sensitive, Cvent is sure to save you time in contracting and have a straightforward (if a little simplistic) solution for all your management needs baked in.

If you’re hoping to connect various best-in-craft event and marketing technologies that have caught your eye, or want total control over your event’s look, feel, and registration process, Swoogo may be a better solution for you. Swoogo is also the champion when it comes to customer support, price, and ease of doing business with.

For planners looking to take a brand-focused, experience-first approach to their events, Swoogo may resonate deeply, offering the tools to innovate and push boundaries. However, seasoned professionals won’t easily shy away from the tried-and-true solutions that have kept Cvent at the top of its game for years.

Ultimately, the right choice hinges on your unique event needs and aspirations. Whichever way you sway, the event management platforms you choose can make all the difference between a standing ovation and a silent, empty arena. Choose wisely, and may your events be forever unforgettable 🖖