Security: Single Sign On

SSO for planners and attendees

Swoogo cares about security, convenience, and access rights management. We offer Single Sign On (SSO) for your event management team, registrants who plan to attend your event, or both.

  • SAML (Security Assertion Mark-up Language) ready
  • Connect to OKTA or other SSO providers
  • Manage logins for event planners
  • Allow invitees to register
SSO for planners and attendees
SSO for event planners

Keep your IT team happy

Let’s face it, user-generated passwords aren’t always secure (we see you CatDog123.) Use Swoogo’s industry-standard SAML integration to enable Single Sign On for your Swoogo event planner accounts, and let your IT team sleep soundly at night.

SSO for attendees

Streamline registration for internal events

Hosting a team summit or internal employee events? Make it seamless for staff to register for internal events, leveraging the existing SSO solution of your company. Want a single sign on experience for the public to register for your event? We offer an InGo integration.

Your security, our priority

Future-proof your SSO security

When you use Swoogo’s SSO integration, we have your back. Swoogo follows Google’s Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) practices, and adheres to a thorough quality, reliability, and security regimen. We conduct frequent vulnerability scans for our platform, libraries, and any third-party code that interacts with Swoogo.

Let Swoogo help

Swoogo does the heavy lifting

We won’t abandon you in the SSO wilderness. When you opt to use Swoogo’s SSO solution, real support people and engineers will help you ensure that everything is set up and working properly. The point is to make a secure sign-on experience easier for everyone—that includes you.

SSO Pricing

Swoogo’s standard SSO package is offered at a flat fee of $5,000 per year as an add-on for your account.

We never charge for SSO per event or per seat—use it year-round, regardless of how many events you host.

The SSO add-on is available to all customers, regardless of how many Swoogo user licenses you have.