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May 3, 2023

Enhancements for 1:1 Meetings πŸ‘₯

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Breakout meetings are a key part of many events. We love our one-on-one meetings feature β€” we know you do too.

So, we’ve made 1:1 meetings even better: first, we added an option to mark meetings as In-Person, which in turn can require a location be set. Because if you’re meeting IRL, you need to know where!

Additionally, we added an option to block off meeting times as soon as a time is requested (before the time is confirmed). Time is valuable, now you can manage it more easily.

For more info, check our Help Center documentation about 1:1 Meetings.

Speaking of 1:1 meetings – are you a Swoogo customer? Join us May 17 in Portland for Unconventional IRL, our customer event. Register here!

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