Build incredible events and put them right in your attendees’ hands.

On-brand mobile event experience

SpotMe is the industry’s top custom-made mobile app, allowing your attendees to put all of your event info right in the palms of their hands.

White labeled and fully branded

SpotMe’s custom app-build is all about your brand, your themes, your logos. Bring your in-person atmosphere right into your mobile experience.

Interactivity and engagement

Energize and engage your attendees with live chat, polling, gamification, quizzes and surveys, right in the mobile app.

Better networking

SpotMe helps coordinate those all-important connections, with 1:1 meetings, personalized lists, and participant matching.

Best-in-class registration

Boundless attendee segmentation, custom questions, unlimited conditional logic: if you can dream it up, you can put in on a Swoogo reg form.

A central event hub

Build your entire event in Swoogo—from your reg forms to organizing speakers, sessions, and registrants—then push it wherever it needs to go. (Like a SpotMe mobile app!)

Post-event marketing

Create and automate post-event marketing cadences, and use Swoogo Analytics and audience segmentation to target just the right customers.

Fully mobile responsive back end

There’s always something that needs to be changed at the last second. At Swoogo, if you have a laptop or a phone, you’re in control of your event.

Even better together

SpotMe is all about a better mobile experience—Swoogo is all about taking over the work of event planning. Together, they’re raising the bar on the event experience.


It all starts with registration

Build your event in the industry’s best registration software, and then put it in your attendees’ hands with SpotMe.


Get your event data flowing

Swoogo’s native SpotMe integration means your event connects seamlessly with your custom mobile app: registration, data, all of it.


Bring your design system and branding

 Create your custom, whitelabeled mobile app with SpotMe and match it to your custom event in Swoogo, so all of your attendees share a fully branded experience.

“Swoogo is, and I don’t say this lightly, the best event management platform that I have ever used. And it’s not just the platform, it’s the company and the people behind it.”
Lorraine M, Eventium


Engage, interact, delight

SpotMe polls, Q&As, live chat, and more, mean your attendees are better engaged and interacting with every aspect of their mobile experience.

Their digital companion

An attendee experience to remember

The combination of Swoogo’s event management and SpotMe’s unbeatable mobile app gives your attendees a smoother, easier experience that will wow them at every step.

Data + insights

Find the right data, right away

Track which sessions your attendees attend, and how much they interact, to sift out the best leads. Keep an eye on all of your marketing comms in Swoogo and generate custom reports.

Introducing our (free-use) native integration:

Enable SpotMe on your Swoogo dashboard with one click, to unleash this game-changing combo.

Seamless data push
Our native integration lets you build the perfect event in Swoogo—registration, multiple tracks, full session agendas—and then push all of the data that your attendees need into SpotMe. Seamlessly.
Information at their fingertips
Our integration means your attendees always have the most up-to-date info. Last-minute speaker changes or venue hiccups? No problem. Push that data right to the folks who need it.
Smash limits
Your audience is everywhere—your event should be too. Take all of your SpotMe and Swoogo data and let anyone, anywhere, sign up and join the party.

See how Swoogo + SpotMe can work for you

Find out how to add SpotMe’s mobile app to your Swoogo account, or get a demo to see how Swoogo and SpotMe can revolutionize your in-person event experience.