Swoogo + Rakuten: Designing Events that Bring People Together

Session Details

The buzz in the event scene is all about ‘connection,’ and it’s no wonder why! In today’s world, attendees flock to events for the chance to connect with new faces and exchange stories and insights with like-minded people.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce Krystyna and Kayla from Rakuten, who will be taking the digital stage to showcase how they’re crafting unparalleled networking experiences through technology and space design.

🔍 Here’s a glimpse of the magic we’ll unveil:

  • How a global company like Rakuten makes networking easy at every event.
  • Effectively using your event space to make connection a breeze.
  • Creating networking sponsorships opportunities that get exhibitors hooked and keep them returning.
  • Simple, but effective tech tools that help attendees meet, greet, and connect!

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