Swoogo Waiting Rooms

Say goodbye to awkward silences and stall time before your event start time in Swoogo. For a seamless virtual event experience, enable the Swoogo Waiting Room (optional) page to hold all registrants before a session begins. Here––if registrants click the link to the stream or meeting room before the designated opening time, they will be brought to the Swoogo Waiting Room page.

You can also choose to create multiple Waiting Rooms (for example ones for specific session sponsors with their messaging on them) and assign your sessions or 1:1 Meetings to open those specific Waiting Rooms. The Waiting Rooms are compatible with any virtual provider.

Once enabled, add the amount of time for the waiting room to end for your registrants. If you plug in “5 minutes,” your Waiting Room will redirect attendees on the Waiting Room page 5 minutes before the event, session, or meeting starts, at which point they will be allowed into the meeting.

If you choose to create multiple Waiting Room pages, you can also set the Waiting Room page you would like this to open to.