Sponsor Options & Management

Easily add and display your event sponsors and sponsor information on your event site in Swoogo. Here’s how:

Adding Sponsors Manually

Add sponsors individually, and manually input sponsor details.

By default you are able to add:

You are also able to add new fields or edit the existing fields in Swoogo.

Importing Sponsors

You can also import Sponsors, by downloading our import template and adding sponsor info into the import file, then importing them directly into the system. 

Update Multiple Sponsors

You can update multiple sponsors at one time via Browser, or via Excel import.

Displaying Sponsors

Display sponsors on your event website using sponsor widgets, which allow for full customization and adjustability. 

Virtual Booth Pages

Use the Virtual Booth Pages to display your Sponsors or Exhibitors as fully interactive booths. Virtual Booths can be a great way to display sponsor fields, video URLs, and more about each of your sponsors or exhibitors, all while providing a personal chat room for sponsors and registrants to engage. 

Swoogo Virtual Sponsor Meeting Rooms

With Swoogo Virtual Meeting Rooms, you can create a “Meet Now” button on your Sponsor Details and use Swoogo’s native virtual meeting room for our Sponsor meetings. 

Setting Up Virtual Sponsor Meeting Rooms

Here you have two options––either use Swoogo’s built-in virtual meeting room or use your own virtual meeting room link (i.e. Zoom, Google Meet, etc.).

Sponsor Experience

Provide your sponsors with their meeting room link prior to the event. We recommend that you suggest to your sponsors to create a schedule of when they’ll be available at their booth and share that with you. That way, you can create a custom field to display this information on the Sponsor Details page. 

Each Swoogo Virtual room can have up to 4-people present. 

Attendee Experience

Once Attendees log in to the front-end event site, they can toggle to our Virtual Sponsor Meeting Room by using the provided field in Sponsors, which uses Swoogo Virtual. They will be equipped with camera and microphone access once enabled on their browser, as well as screen-sharing and chat abilities within Swoogo Virtual.

Sponsor Meeting Room Report

But that’s not all! Add value to sponsors by pulling a Sponsor Meeting Room Report that shows all Registrant attendance for your Sponsor Booths.

When using Swoogo Virtual for your Sponsor Meeting Rooms, the report includes fields such as: