Managing Registrant Types

Create fully customized registration forms and personalized experiences in Swoogo for your attendees using registrant types. Let’s break this down. 

Using registrant or registration types allows you to control the registration experience based on the type of person who is registering. 

For example, if you have delegates, speakers, and sponsors registering for your event, you should create a registrant type for each. You can then ask for different personal information, display different text on the website and send different emails dependent on who is registering.

One registration type will automatically be created for your use during the event creation process. Simply, update the name and add additional registration types as needed.  

Capacity Settings

Setting a capacity will set a hard capacity for certain registrant types. Once the capacity has been reached this type will no longer be available to registrants. There is also a Waitlist Option available for you to enable.


If you are creating a paid event you can add a standard price to the Registrant Type that will charge a flat fee to the registrants who select this type.

You can also enable early bird pricing based on the date or number of registrations.

Visibility Settings

Using Swoogo’s built-in unconditional logic you can set certain conditions or rules on when this type will be visible on your form.

Group Registration Settings

Within the group settings section, you can also set limits and restrict additional group member numbers. 


Waitlisting is no longer just available for your overall event, you can now set up waitlists for your sessions, registrant types, and packages.