Intro to Virtual Page Types

If your event is Virtual or Hybrid and you’ve enabled the EventHub as your Virtual Location option, Swoogo creates a set of Virtual Pages pre-configured for you to customize for your event. Here are the different types of virtual pages available within Swoogo for your virtual or hybrid event.

All of these pages are completely customizable; you can add any additional content widgets and adjust visibility conditions for any property on or added to the pages.

They are also all configured to only be visible to sign-in registrants only.


By default, this page has been set up with the event name and registrant’s first name, and the registrant’s selected sessions for a personal experience. 

If registrants need to have the ability to modify their registration form, you can add the Modify Reg Form widget to your Eventhub page.

Waiting Room

Waiting room pages are used before your event, meeting or session is due to start. People will be automatically redirected to the live event when the room closes. By default, this page has a Virtual Details Content Widget along with a Countdown Timer widget to the session/meeting room opening.

Multiple Waiting Rooms

You can choose to create multiple Waiting Rooms (for example, ones for specific sessions – specific content/pre-video, or sponsors – with their messaging or logo) and assign your sessions, event-level virtual location, or 1:1 Meetings to open those specific Waiting Rooms. 

Live Pages

Live Pages are used after your session waiting room has closed. Usually, you would have a video widget broadcasting the session, together with any chat/engagement widgets.

These pages work specifically with our Sessions feature. A Live page is perfect for one session (single-stream event) or multiple sessions (multiple stream event).

While fully customizable, by default, the Live Page section will come pre-equipped with 2 Live Page Templates to choose from – one with the video widget set Broadcast mode (Simulive), and one intended for use with the standard video widget player controls, for a Livestream. 

Multiple Live Pages

Each templated page can be used for multiple sessions to provide a standard experience for your attendees. 

On-Demand Pages

On-Demand Pages are used after your live session has finished. Usually, you would put a recorded copy of your live session here. This page is perfect to post a recording of your live session for those who couldn’t join or to even get people’s feedback about the session. 

While fully customizable, by default, the video widget has been added to this page and is set up to pull the URL directly from the On-Demand URL from your Session setup. 

Multiple On-Demand Pages

Each template page can be used for multiple sessions to provide a standard experience for your attendees.

Virtual Booth Pages

Geared specifically toward use for Sponsors, Virtual Booths can be a great way to display informational sponsor fields, videos, and more about each of your sponsors or exhibitors, all while providing a personal chat room for sponsors and registrants to engage.

Multiple Virtual Booth Pages

Create as many different Booth Page layout templates as you need to accommodate your various Sponsors or Exhibitors. You can use the same template multiple times, are create multiple for a varying look and feel.