Creating Planner Alerts

Planner Alerts are a type of communication that can be set up to send out automatic email alerts to Swoogo users when certain conditions occur. Cool––but how?

Planner Alerts are automatically created when an event is created, and are automatically sent when the following actions occur on your event site:

  1. When registration is created (Registration Confirmation)

  2. When registration is abandoned (Incomplete Registration)

  3. When registration is modified (Modification Confirmation)

  4. When registration is canceled (Cancellation Confirmation)

You also have the option to turn off automatic emails in Swoogo.

Note: By default, Planner Alerts are only sent for the primary group registrant. If you would like the email to be sent for each registrant in the group, allow the alert to trigger all registrants. 

PROTIP: The Swoogo user who created the event is automatically added as the receiver of these emails.