Adding Speaker Details in Swoogo

In Swoogo, easily add and assign speakers to sessions in your event. Here’s how:

Adding Speakers

There are three ways to add a speaker:

  1. Add a Speaker by manually typing (or pasting) in their details

  2. Import them from your existing contacts

  3. Import multiple speakers at once using an excel file

Add Single Speaker: If you are adding a single speaker, enter their details manually.

Use Existing Contacts: Add speakers from your existing contacts

Importing Speakers: If importing with Excel, a pretty familiar-looking Wizard modal will appear and guide you through the process, letting you know if there are any errors and what they are (if possible). 

Assigning Speakers

There are two ways to assign a speaker to a session.

  1. Assign the speaker to the session

  2. Assign the speaker on their profile

Assigning a Speaker on the Session: Simply select the speaker you want to assign to the session and save your selection. 

Assigning the Speaker on their Profile: Update the speaker’s profile by assigning them with the session they are scheduled to speak at.

Modifying Speaker Formatting Settings

Specify what speaker information is displayed on the Agenda for attendee visibility. You can see how this information will display on your site by previewing your event.

Speaker Details

Display your speaker’s names, job titles, companies, bios, profile pictures, direct website links, etc. for registrants to peruse pre-event. 

 “More Info” for Speakers 

Once you’ve added your Speakers, you can decide how you want them to look displayed on the site. Here you have two options: Dedicated Speaker pages, or Popups that are shown when the speaker’s name is clicked.