Check out the event management platform with an A+

In-Person, digital, or hybrid—EDU events look fab with Swoogo. From open days, to orientation, to alumni reunions, Swoogo makes bringing people together easy, no matter where you are in the world.

Up-front pricing
EDUs have a yearly budget; with Swoogo you’ll pay one up-front price for the year, no matter how many events you hold.
Digital and back
If your school is still dealing with COVID protocols, rest easy knowing you can flip any in-person event digital, or back
In-house support
You’re not a tech company—we get that. Swoogo is user-friendly, plus our support is at your service.

Get an instant major in event management

Security, transparent pricing, and free-use integration with the programs your students use the most. Start there, and then let us show you why events are our area of expertise. And can be yours too.

Personalize the 
student journey

Create unlimited attendee types to make sending the right people down the right pathways crystal clear. Plus, use attendee types to segment your data to have the right conversations with the right people.

Swoogo Offers Single Sign On with SAML

Control your
 access gates

Operating across an array of different departments, faculties, and student groups, Swoogo makes it easy to keep your data separate and secure. Create unlimited sub-accounts with gated folders, and define user roles that can restrict access within accounts.


Sometimes Swoogo isn’t your best fit, but whether you settle on us or not, here are some things you should know about Swoogo vs the event industry norms.

User-based pricing

User-based pricing model

User-based pricing means Swoogo is a partner in your success. You can hold as many (free!) events as you want, and register as many students, faculty, or alumni as you can get, without paying for each and every one. More events, happier students, no change in your yearly budget.

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Registration-based pricing

Registration-based pricing means holding a bigger, more successful event will cost you more. Hoping to hold a small, monthly event? Can you afford it? Paying for every registration means you have to constantly ask yourself, is this event worth it?


All integrations included, no extra cost

EDU’s have exceptionally diverse requirements. You might only need one integration, or you might need ten. No problem. All of Swoogo’s out-of-the-box integrations and payment gateways are free to use. If you need something you don’t see, we have Outbound Webhooks and REST API. Just ask.

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Watch out! Hidden charges ahead

It’s industry standard to charge for integrations. Sometimes a lot. Most platforms emphasize how small a fee they require to use payment gateways, usually a percentage. But it’s still a fee. All those little percentages really add up. And you won’t know until you get the bill.


Your brand > our brand

You want your events to reflect your school. Swoogo is the most customizable event management on the market. With unlimited layers of conditional logic, a customizable drag-and-drop website builder, and a fully whitelabelable platform, you can make sure students, staff, and parents see your colors, logos, mascots, and more. Not our brand name. No charge.

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Limits on customization … unless you pay up

Customization isn’t unique to Swoogo, but the lack of an additional price tag is. At other companies, you’ll pay for website layouts, extra layers of questions on your registration forms, and visual branding. Even after all that, you’re still going to see their brand name all over the site … unless you pay to take it off.


You’ll catch on and we’ll teach you

Swoogo’s dashboard is famously easy to learn—and has an award-winning support team backing it up—so no matter who comes and goes in your organizational departments, you’ll be able to bring them up to speed fast. Struggling? Our Learning and Development team is standing by to make sure you’re fully trained and onboarded.

Yeah, you might need another degree for this

Review after review talks about how hard it is to learn other event management platforms. Worse, how rare it is to have someone to guide you through the process. EDU teams generally aren’t software engineers, but some platforms seem to expect you to be.