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From temporary pandemic solution to the tool that opened an entirely new avenue of business

With the support of Swoogo’s event management platform, Fernwood Fitness was able to transition their in-person offerings online and expand their virtual reach to a larger audience.

When 2020 shut down all travel across Australia, Fernwood Fitness needed a virtual platform to provide both live and on-demand training sessions to their staff, in a personal way that would maintain their high standards. They also needed a platform that allowed them to host their biggest event of the year—usually an in-person event—online.

Swoogo’s virtual event platform was the high-quality, virtual solution they were looking for. One that exceeded all expectations and opened up additional business opportunities. So much so that what they thought was going to be a temporary solution became part of Fernwood’s day-to-day processes.

“We thought Swoogo would just be a temporary measure to assist our training and event needs… now we can see this event management platform has opened up many opportunities for us to do things differently.”

Caitlin Jury— General Manager of Operations & Marketing, Fernwood Fitness

The Challenges

Fernwood Fitness takes pride in training its franchisees and staff to ensure a high quality of standards across all of its clubs. Historically they’ve done this by traveling nationwide to provide bespoke, in-person training. When the pandemic hit and halted all travel, Fernwood needed a flexible way to provide their staff with virtual training sessions, both live and on-demand, in a personal way that would maintain their high standards. 

In addition to training, they needed a solution for virtually hosting their biggest event of the year—their national conference. This event is the highlight of their year, and Fernwood was concerned that the event wouldn’t make the same impact virtually.

The Solution 

With Swoogo, Fernwood Fitness was able to quickly and easily transition their in-person training program to a virtual one, with both live and on-demand sessions. All while maintaining, or exceeding, their high standards. 

Not only was Fernwood able to continue its regular training through Swoogo’s virtual platform, but they loved Swoogo so much that they used it to expand their in-person and virtual event offerings, period. They hosted their national conference (aka Fernwood’s biggest event of the year) on Swoogo’s virtual event platform and it was a huge success. They received so many compliments from their franchisees about how impressed they were with the quality of the event, that Fernwood solidified their decision to make Swoogo a part of their day-to-day processes. 

Fernwood’s team loves the ease and simplicity of building events and registrations through Swoogo. They’ve been able to host more events via Swoogo’s event management platform than they ever have before. And that makes everyone happy.

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