May 13, 2021   |   Abby Foutch

Vimeo & Swoogo Announce Partnership Creating Reliable Streaming for Hybrid Events

Swoogo, a leading event marketing software company, announced its partnership with Vimeo today. Vimeo is the world’s leading all-in-one video solution with over 200 million global users trusting Vimeo’s high-quality live and on-demand streaming capabilities. This partnership brings reliable, high-quality video to virtual and hybrid events.

This new partnership enables Swoogo users to embed live or on-demand video streams into their virtual and hybrid events, customize the video player, and track video engagements with advanced analytics. Embedding Vimeo videos directly into Swoogo ensures that the content is private and secure within your event. Swoogo is PCI, GDPR, and CCPA compliant.

Vimeo’s scalability and reliability make it the best platform for seamless live events. Vimeo powers more than 10 million live events per year–more than any other provider. Vimeo broadcasts its videos in full HD with adaptive streaming, providing viewers with the highest-quality experience across devices. And when your event is over, your videos are auto-archived in up to 4K. 

Vimeo is Swoogo’s preferred video provider, and Swoogo encourages its customers to take full advantage of Vimeo’s robust suite of tools from live streaming to broadcasting pre-recorded videos. Furthermore, Swoogo customers will be offered a discount to use with Vimeo.

Speaking about Swoogo’s partnership program, Josh Shepherd, VP of Business Development at Swoogo, said, “Swoogo does a lot of amazing things, amazingly well. However, there are components that augment the in-person, virtual, and hybrid experiences that are outside of our wheelhouse, and a great example of this is Vimeo. We are identifying best-of-breed partners and creating integrations to bring all the pieces into one place. Our goal is to enable our customers to put together events and marketing programs easily, with Swoogo at the core.”

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