April 27, 2021   |   Abby Foutch

Swoogo Announces New Brand

Swoogo, a leading event marketing software company, announced today a rebrand to its visual identity. This new identity reflects Swoogo’s continued growth and mission to help event marketers get more done in less time (with fewer headaches.)

In 2015, Swoogo started out as an intuitive event marketing and registration software for in-person events that saved corporate event planners a lot of time and headaches. Since its start in 2015, Swoogo has grown its product and team to be one of the leading event marketing software in the industry for virtual, in-person, and hybrid events.

The new Swoogo logo is a constellation that reflects Swoogo’s culture, flexibility, and partnerships.

Swoogo’s culture has been rooted in constellations since 2015. Each team in Swoogo has a constellation that reflects that team’s core values. Although each team (Customer Success, Sales, Product, and Marketing) has their own constellation with their own core values, there’s always overlap between each one making one big Swoogo galaxy. The Swoogo galaxy—based on shared core values—is what keeps the company running.

Swoogo’s mission to help event marketers get sh!t done was largely and still is largely due to their connected systems of 30+ free integrations. Having software that seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, Hubspot, and Marketo, for example, makes the lives of event marketers a lot easier. Swoogo is more useful on different levels with different systems for different types of marketers. Swoogo’s software has always been flexible, and now that flexibility is truly reflected in the new logo.

Lastly, Swoogo’s logo represents the connection between companies with partnerships. Swoogo recently hired Josh Shepherd as VP of Business Development, who’s been busy building out Swoogo’s partnership program. These partnerships will bring immense value to Swoogo customers by increasing the flexibility of the event marketing software, as well as bring more business to these businesses. Swoogo just signed their newest partnership deal with Vimeo. What hasn’t changed? A lot actually. Swoogo’s brand will still be the friendly, humanized brand you know and love. That means the friendly faces and brand voice will still be the same, quirky Swoogo. The world-class customer support will also be the same. Swoogo prides itself on its customer satisfaction and retention rate. In 2020, Swoogo had a customer satisfaction rating of 98.7%.

Along with the new brand announcement, Swoogo just released beta reporting and analytics. Having this reporting, data, and insights is imperative for event marketers. It’s raising the bar from what people expect from virtual and hybrid events.

Swoogo is also launching a new mobile app later this year. Being able to bridge the gap between in-person and virtual attendees at hybrid events will be crucial to the industry. Swoogo’s app will have an edge being built from the ground up. Instead of adapting a current app made for in-person events, Swoogo’s app will be built with the knowledge of virtual events and the learnings that took place in 2020. It will reflect a virtual, hybrid, and in-person events reality, which will help event organizers run awesome events.