July 9, 2024   |   Molly Falco

Swoogo and Brella Partner for Optimized Event Experiences

A great pre-event experience is everything; from your guests’ first encounter with your event brand and website to what it feels like to register, an event’s vibe is stated from the moment it’s launched. 

Creating those unified, personalized experiences for event attendees is what makes Swoogo so powerful. Pre- and post-event, Swoogo’s flexibility, design capabilities, and reporting translate directly into attendee sentiment. 

But inside the event, when attendees need to be engaged and informed? Post-event, when engagement data needs to be turned into insights for next year? 

Enter: Brella. 🥳

A preferred networking and mobile app partner, and member of the Swoogo One ecosystem, Brella’s easy to use event app works seamlessly with Swoogo to optimize the attendee experience pre-, post-, and during the event. 

Revolutionizing Workflows with Advanced Integration

Together, Swoogo and Brella offer a comprehensive solution that optimizes every phase of event planning and execution.

  • Seamless Integration

Never repeat a task. With Swoogo and Brella’s advanced integration, the event details you build in Swoogo are sent directly to Brella, so you never enter data twice. From your registrants and agenda to speakers and sponsors, everything that happens in Swoogo happens in Brella, too. 

  • Enhanced Attendee Engagement

With Brella’s AI-driven matchmaking and engagement features, great attendee experience extends off the page and onto the event floor. Use your Swoogo registrant lists to power your Brella networking, then let Brella’s AI matchmaking do the rest. 

  • Comprehensive Data & Insights

Collect and analyze crucial data points from both platforms to gain deeper insights into attendee behavior, event performance, and overall success metrics. From there, use our easy reporting features or connect your favorite CRM for event insights at your fingertips. 

How It Works

  1. Pre-Event Planning:

Utilize Swoogo’s customizable registration forms, marketing tools, and event logistics management to plan and promote your event. Integrate with Brella to set up AI-powered matchmaking features that connect attendees based on their interests and objectives.

  1. During the Event:

Enhance the live event experience with Brella’s intuitive mobile app, offering real-time schedule updates, interactive sponsor booths, live stories, and seamless networking opportunities. Swoogo’s platform ensures smooth check-ins, session management, and on-site logistics.

  1. Post-Event Analysis:

Leverage powerful analytics and reporting tools from both Swoogo and Brella to measure event success, attendee engagement, and sponsor ROI. Use these insights to refine future events and demonstrate value to stakeholders.

Ultimately, we know the most important thing an integration can be is easy: that’s why Brella is our partner of choice for conferences, meetings, and field marketing events. 

With two turnkey solutions combined, there’s no limit to the attendee experience you can build. 📈

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About Swoogo

Swoogo is an industry-leading event management software that provides flexible, customizable solutions for in-person, digital, and hybrid events. With a focus on user-friendly design and powerful integrations, Swoogo empowers event planners to create impactful experiences effortlessly. For more information, check out our website.

About Brella

Brella is the world’s leading event engagement platform, trusted by top conferences and exhibitions globally. Brella’s AI-driven networking and engagement tools help create memorable event experiences, providing valuable connections and insights for attendees and organizers. Learn more on Brella’s website.

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