October 18, 2022   |   Aprilynne Pike

Say Hello to Swoogo’s Call for Speakers: Your New Speaker Management Solution

We love the smell of new products in the morning and this is a big one. 

Maybe you’re a Swoogo customer already, or maybe you’re just wading into the event management platform pool. (Welcome!) Or maybe you’re not super happy with your current speaker management and you’re seeing what else is out there. But if you run events and you have a bunch of speakers, and you like saving time, hassle, and headaches, you’ve come to the right place.

This week we welcome Call for Speakers to the Swoogo family. CFS is greeted by sibling features Swoogo Analytics, and Swoogo Event Hub. This new module does for speaker management what Swoogo did for event registration—revolutionizes everything.

The fact is that the quality and preparation of speaker sessions can make or break any event.

Calling for papers, reviewing presentations, collaborating with speakers, speaker management, and gathering feedback — these are complex tasks that deserve their own set of features.

Now, we believe in full transparency here at Swoogo (check out our pricing page—we’re the only major event management platform that will tell you our prices right up front) so now is the time to mention that this is a premium add-on to a Swoogo account. You can’t get it by itself. But there’s a good reason for that. 

CFS was created to work hand-in-hand with Swoogo, with both programs’ functionalities synching seamlessly. If you’re considering Swoogo for your event management platform, and you have speakers or presenters to manage as well—or you solicit topics or call for papers—be sure to ask about Swoogo events plus CFS. 

So what is CFS?

Call for Speakers at a glance:

  • Speaker submission website
  • Speaker submission forms
  • Automated emails
  • Turn submissions into sessions
  • Safe file storage
  • Post-event speaker data

Let’s break that down and take it one step at a time.

A home for your speakers

And by that we mean a speaker submission website. Just like Swoogo users intuitively build a website for their event, embedded with their custom registration form, CFS helps create the same kind of website just for speaker management, featuring an easy build process, with drag-and-drop capabilities. Linked to, but still separate from your event site.

Better speaker management via submission forms

Swoogo is best known for our incredible registration forms with unlimited conditional logic. So of course, CFS features exactly the same thing. Different speakers require unique approaches. Customize your speaker submission form with our famous unlimited conditional logic and segment them the exact same way you can segment the attendees anxious to listen to them.

Streamline status updates

No one wants to be that person who has to constantly check in on the status of their submission. Use CFS to automate the process of sending emails for important milestones like when a speaker submission is reviewed, rejected, or approved. That way everyone knows exactly what’s going on, and when.

Submissions to sessions

Okay, not gonna lie, this is the crowning jewel of CFS, in my opinion. Once you have selected a presenter or paper, with three clicks, that speaker gets transformed into a session on your Swoogo event. That easy. No more copy pasting every little thing. Three clicks. That’s it.

Decks without digging

Sometimes it’s the little things. Like knowing exactly where all of your presenters’ decks are because you stored them right from the moment they submitted them. Brilliant, right? Collect presentation files in a central storage database, so you can avoid frantic email searching—or missing thumb drives—on the day of the event.

Tempt higher value speakers

After your event, use Swoogo Analytics to provide your speakers with click-lists and contact info for attendees who interacted with their content. Combine with automated emails to gather feedback from the voices that matter—confirmed attendees of every session.

Name a more iconic events duo, we’ll wait

CFS was designed specifically to work alongside Swoogo. So there are even more speaker management features, some that you’ll recognize from the Swoogo event management platform.

Lather, rinse, repeat and scale

Every event in Swoogo is repeatable at scale and CFS is no exception. Once you’ve done one event with CFS, clone it and get a huge head start on your next call for presentations, and have your speaker management process already set up.

User-based pricing

I will never stop shouting to the rooftops that event profs shouldn’t settle for registration-based pricing. Like Swoogo’s main platform, CFS’s pricing is user-based, as an annual subscription. What does that subscription to speaker management get you? Everything. The end.

A five-star review process

Add reviewers to collaborate and vote toward consensus to select the perfect speakers and topics for your events. Then push those speakers right into your Swoogo event. (Yes, it’s so worth saying twice!)

It’s all about the content

As in-person events come roaring back, the biggest draw to your event will be the content. Managing top-level content and speakers doesn’t have to be the huge headache it so often is. Free up time to focus on the big picture. Automate more of your event prep with Swoogo’s Call for Speakers, and spend more of your time making sure everything else is ready for your amazing speakers.