August 17, 2021   |   Abby Foutch

Event Personalization: 6 Ways Swoogo Can Help

Netflix and Amazon are raising the bar when it comes to personalized marketing. 

“Abby, You Might Also Like…” suggestions and hyper-targeted email marketing campaigns are increasing the brand experience for everyone. And your event attendees are expecting nothing less when they encounter your band at your event. 

95% of companies that saw 3x ROI from their personalization efforts increased profitability in the year after their personalization efforts. – Monetate  

Event personalization isn’t new, but event management software is increasingly finding ways to continue to add personalization for event profs. Or at least Swoogo is.

6 ways that Swoogo helps with personalization

1     Use personalized fields (aka merge fields) in your email 

Merge fields are special tags used in your emails that will be replaced with appropriate content, e.g. personalized fields such as name, location, their agenda, etc. 

Write an email once and the personalize it for each customer. Mention their name, location or add a personalized message from a sponsor.

You don’t have to sound like a robot or be fake or phoney, just add that extra touch in your communication and make it personal. That’s what personalization is all about.

2     Personalize text on your event website 

Don’t stop with emails!

You can even use merge fields to personalize your event website. If you’re sending out invitations from Swoogo, use the “Accept (via homepage)” merge field in your email and you’ll have the ability to use merge fields on your website to continue personalized messaging. 

Why not have the Register Now button call them out by name or show them images of the hotel they are staying at or speakers that are relevant to their job title? You can go crazy here.

With Swoogo, nearly every piece of information and content can have a visibility condition applied, so get creative!

3     Use widgets to help personalize website information 

Create a “My Agenda” page on your website and add in the my schedule widget which pulls attendees’ personalized schedule to display when they click on that page. 

You can also use widgets to display any information collected through registration (once they login, of course). 

You can use direct links to registration types to not only save time for your potential attendees, but also to help you restrict what content registrants can see.

Even if you’re not sending out invitations from within Swoogo, using direct links allows you to preset the registration type as soon as they click on it.

“So what?” you might ask. Let’s say you want to assign a track to a certain attendee type, you can now streamline your event website’s content to only show that particular track. Or, maybe, you want to only show premium accommodation options to VIPs, direct links can help you with that.

With conditions set on the registration type and using a direct link, you can hide and show just about everything, from entire pages to custom pop-ups. Clever, ay?

Have a discount code? You can set up direct links for it to be automatically filled in, that way if it’s attached to a sales person they are getting the credit they deserve for the registration. 

5     Use your registrants’ preferred language 

One of the easiest ways for you to personalize your event is to pay attention to your site visitors’ preferred language.

In Swoogo, you can select multiple languages that you want to enable for your event. Swoogo will automatically detect the registrant’s preferred language from their device settings and if this is not available, you can determine the standard language to use. 

Equally, if you want to give your attendees full control over their language selection, you can do that as well. Currently, the platform supports 28 languages with additional ones being added on a regular basis.

But don’t stop with the website. Have your attendees’ preferred language spill over into event emails as well. It’s the little things that really make a difference with the customer experience. 

6     Personalize the registration process

The registration process provides some awesome opportunities to add specific content for your registrants. 

Think about adding text merge fields that welcomes your registrant by name, e.g. “Continue your registration below, Carsten!”, or add a slideshow mentioning features of the event location.

Of course, you can always provide an alternative message if there is no merge field available or if it’s empty.

You could even decide to add personalized video messages by registration type during registration! Yes, some of our clients have actually done that. Think of all the different options you have to really make an impact on your registrants. 


Here at Swoogo, event personalization is one of our key focus points and we’ll continue to develop features that help you create memorable experiences for your customers and attendees. Evergage found that 98% of marketers say personalization advances customer relationships, and we all know that when you advance the relationships you have a higher ROI. 

Feelin’ like you want to learn a little more about Swoogo? Click here to see our magic in action.