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Swoogo’s event management platform is the most customizable, buildable event software that lets you create your events without limits or fear. Made for event planners by event planners, this is your dream tool. Let us show you.


Award winning software, tried and trusted by brands you love

Any type of thing we’ve needed, Swoogo has been able to provide. One of the reasons why I will probably always work with Swoogo as long as I’m in this industry.
Rebecca Sullivan, Director, Consumer Marketing
Without the simplicity and the strength of Swoogo’s product, I don’t think we could do as good as we do.
Mike Morgan, Senior Director, Corporate Events
I can do the volume of events that we do from start to finish in an hour. It’s more than I expected, because of its ease of use.
Tricia Williamson, Event Technology Director
Swoogo was the event registration system we were searching for and it ended up being the event management platform we truly love. Simple to use, but with the flexibility to add all kinds of customization.
Rick T, Director of Engagement