Every event begins with registration

Registration shouldn’t be a chore you pass on to your attendees. A great, custom registration form is:

  • An attendee’s first impression of your whole event
  • A powerful entryway for pre-, during, and post-event data
  • A custom visual branded experience
Trusted by brands you love

Design registration that creates conversions

Bring in your branding

Write your own questions in company voice and bring in colors, logos, and themes. Use your registration form as a launch pad for your entire event experience.

Unlimited conditional logic

No limits to conditional logic (or reg types or custom questions) means you can branch and weave to fit your ICP, creating a streamlined process with a lower chance of quitting.

Be sure you’re mobile responsive

The amount of tasks we all opt to do on our phones is only going up. You can depend on Swoogo to ensure it’s easier for registrants to reach Submit on their mobile device or tablet.

Registration time? Make your brand shine

Some incredible organizations and brands are building amazing registration experiences on Swoogo!

Data drives everything—reg forms are where it happens

Ask the questions YOU need

The data you capture during registration will determine how you personalize the entire experience for this event, and help you strategize for the next one.

Utilize hidden fields

Hidden fields allow you to harvest crucial data, without asking more of your registrants. Grab UTM parameters and attribution info. Or, make hidden fields visible based on answers.

Privacy and data protection

Let attendees know their personal and financial info is safe, right on your reg form. Swoogo offers contact and field scrubbing, plus visible security and compliance notices.

We don’t believe in limits—pick your team, get everything

User-based pricing=more events

Event-driven growth is helping companies scale across the globe. Our pricing means you can hold more events, for more registrants, for the same price, to ROI faster.

Ticketing and payment gateways

Every package includes use of all our global payment gateways. Use your reg form for multiple ticket types, discount codes, early bird pricing, and don’t sweat the payments.

Crucial tools, in-platform or out

Whatever tech is essential for your event, we’ll help you hook it up to Swoogo, no extra fees. Feed your registrant data to Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, and more.

More than a technology vendor, we’re your partner

Every customer receives a personal account manager, as well as full access to our legendary, in-house support team, so you can build fearlessly!

Managing registration for over 7,000 attendees in 11 US cities on the same day is complicated! Swoogo made it a breeze! The conditional logic makes it easy.
Dustin S. | , Via G2