Hybrid made … Exceptional!

Swoogo + Zoom Events are teaming up to bring you the top event management combined with the best virtual tools. Our partnership is powered by a bi-directional, native integration coming in early 2024. Sign up to stay updated!

Rocking the event space

See how Swoogo + Zoom Events fit together to help you plan and execute better and more effective hybrid events.

Swoogo = the best of event management

It all starts with registration: With 100% customizable questions, event fields, and unlimited conditional logic, make your best first impression with Swoogo reg.

ALL the event data: Use Swoogo to gather data pre-, during, and post-event, to power your marketing and and branding outreach.

Zoom Events = the best in virtual tools

Tools people trust: The conferencing tech that billions of people trust worldwide, now serving your attendees for the most dependable virtual event experience ever.

Make your tent bigger: Use Zoom’s virtual offerings to expand your event’s accessibility and widen your potential audiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Swoogo + Zoom Events partnering?

Hybrid events represent the future of event experiences, not only because of their inherent awesomeness, but also as a means to connect with broader and diverse audiences.

Swoogo + Zoom Events are partnering to bring together the best of in-person event management and a virtual platform with a focus on engagement, high-quality production, and scale. 

We’re bridging the gap between in-person and virtual audiences, so the planner, host, and attendee experience is seamless, allowing all of our customers to reach a broader and highly engaged audience.

What does the partnership entail?

Swoogo + Zoom Events teams together deliver our customers a seamless, end-to-end hybrid event solution with a bi-directional integration. Events start in Swoogo and sync to Zoom Events, to eliminate administrative burden for event organizers. Syncing registration, sponsor, and session data between the two platforms will give event organizers a best-in-class hybrid event solution.

Will both Swoogo + Zoom Events customers benefit from the partnership?

Absolutely! With this partnership, event profs will finally have a unified solution to effectively build, lead, and manage virtual, hybrid, and in-person meetings.

Zoom Events customers can purchase a Swoogo license to build and manage an event registration website, event marketing, and to facilitate in-person event activities.

Swoogo customers can purchase a Zoom Events license to expand their event content to a virtual audience while facilitating connection between the virtual and in-person attendees using the Zoom mobile app.

How can I take advantage of this integration?

The Swoogo + Zoom Events integration will be commercially available in early 2024, in the Zoom Marketplace. 

Zoom Events customers can simply add Swoogo to their event tech stack for in-person events.

Swoogo customers can select Zoom Events for their virtual event needs. Want to stay updated on our progress? Of course you do! Sign up on the form up at the top of the page.

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