Welcome to the Swoogoverse

When we set out to define our culture in the early days of swoogo, we realized pretty quickly that every team has its own, distinct flavor. of course there are some values we all share, and those are our north stars: but embracing the uniqueness of every team has made Swoogo a place where all kinds of talents and ideas fit like gloves. Today, our diverse people, teams, and attitudes make it possible for us to get sh!t done for our customers, our teammates, and our company. Read on to explore.

We look at our culture as a star map— interconnected constellations working together to create one big, beautiful night sky. Not all teams can function with the exact same values, and we think that’s pretty cool; each of our teams has an individual constellation that represents their culture code. Still, there are some values we all share: Ownership, leadership, creativity, accountability, empathy, agility, and transparency.

What does that mean? It means we embrace the entrepreneurial spirit in everyone, and we know that the best ideas can come from anywhere. We communicate openly, and we’re always ready to try something new to find a new solution. It means our teams may not interact every single day, but we always have each other’s backs. So hey, what’s your sign?

Our Constellations





The Ox

Customer Success

Our team counts on everyone to pull their weight. We’re versatile, strong and capable. We work best when we work together, and when we do there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

Give us a job and we get it done





The Fisher


At our core, we are the fisher-person; we put food on the table. Determined and tenacious, patient and focused, the fisher-person uses the right bait and tools to bring in the biggest and most suitable catch to help their family grow.

Catching Keepers







The Giraffe



Giraffes are graceful, well-groomed individuals who move with confidence and elegance found only in the big game animals. Uniquely suited to their environment, giraffes are fastidious and able to see right over what’s in front of them to what is coming next.

Look beyond the herd




The Spider



At our core, we are craftsmen. We nimbly navigate new concepts and ideas, weaving them into something beautiful and exciting. We are both the surprise and the delight, the dreamers and the doers: but we cannot create without an innate sense of hard work, ourselves, and implicit trust in our teammates.

Make it work